What to do with your 18650 not in use....

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What to do with your 18650 not in use....

... perhaps drive your car:



"Tesla Motors refers to the Roadster's battery pack as the Energy Storage System or ESS. The ESS contains 6,831 lithium ion cells arranged into 11 "sheets" connected in series; each sheet contains 9 "bricks" connected in series; each "brick" contains 69 cells connected in parallel (11S 9S 69P). The cells are of the 18650 form-factor commonly found in laptop batteries. The pack is designed to prevent catastrophic cell failures from propagating to adjacent cells, even when the cooling system is off. Coolant is pumped continuously through the ESS both when the car is running and when the car is turned off if the pack retains more than a 90% charge. The coolant pump draws 146 watts.[37][98][99][100][101]

A full recharge of the battery system requires 3½ hours using the High Power Connector which supplies 70 amp, 240 volt electricity; in practice, recharge cycles usually start from a partially charged state and require less time. A fully charged ESS stores approximately 53 kWh of electrical energy at a nominal 375 volts and weighs 992 lb (450 kg)."

So if you have 6831 pieces of 18650 currently not in use...

Or should we build a reallly good light with this ESS...



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good thread. i own only 1 torch with 18650's (1x 18650). i seldom use the light, so 2 cells of 18650's are enough. cell2 is in my drawer, never used. yet i am thinking of buying another 2pack of 18650's because i dont know what else to buy from DD (with my credits).

i have a problem.


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This isn't strictly relevant to 18650, but when we are mentioning Tesla Roadster... Wink

I do not think little of Tesla Roadster, on the contrary.

I suggest watching in order. I won't embed video. Watch outside of BLF. You might acquire lots of new info.





The green one is a prototype.


This is Rimac Concept_One:



Do browse youtube and the Internet, there is quite a bit of stuff about Rimac, his green M3, and a bit less on Concept_One. There is also a video out there of a street race between Tesla Roadster and Rimac M3. Wink


Have fun!



This is my flashlight collection.