People's Choice 2020 - closed at 74 votes Congratulations G0OSE !

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Congrats G0OSE Wink Crown

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Thank you all so very much for your comments and your votes Thumbs Up I still cannot really believe it…… Smile A few beers are in order tonight for sure Beer Party
I have won this bit, but we are all winners, lets not forget that – it is a privilege to see what you guys produce every year, such fantastic and varied lights showing off a wide variety of skills.

Without all of you, there would be no OL compo, so I hope to see you all joining in next year and making this such a fantastic yearly event, and so keeping Justin’s flame burning on here – I am sure he would be very proud.

Thank you to PP and all the judges for their efforts behind the scenes, having judged before I can tell you it is a LOT of work, and heartache making the choices. It is fantastic you guys give up your free time to help this compo stay alive. Thumbs Up

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Nice going Thumbs Up

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Congrats Goose, you deserve it Beer

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Congrats G0OSE for winning the People’s Choice Award in the Old Lumens Flashlight Modders and Builders Challenge 2020 . Crown
We know you will Treasure it Greatly. Love