Olight O Pen 2 vs Refyne P1 Reviews

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Olight O Pen 2 vs Refyne P1 Reviews

I compared the Olight O Pen 2 against my favorite Titanium Penlight combo. The Refyne P1 appears to be no long available except maybe on ebay as the creator is out of stock and will not likely have the model refilled in anticipation for a Refyne P2.

Here is the video link *_

I have since gotten an adapter for the o pen 2 to use specifically fisher ink refills and it writes very good now. The adpater is sold by a person called AZprintsmith on Etsy. The Refyne P1 writes very well with the Lamy m22f cartridge. if youre savy enough you can modify a basic bic Pen’s interals and the plastic cut to certain length to put into the O pen 2 as a make shift refill insert. The O Pen 2 has an internal battery while the Refyne P1 uses a replaceable 10180 -li-ion battery. The Open 2 uses an Oshram P3737 emitter with a textured lens while the Refyne P1 uses a Cree Xp G2 emitter with a tir optic and a somewhat more thrower optic. The O Pen 2 is available in aluminum and I also have it in copper. The Refyne P1 was once available for a lower price in grade 5 titanium in polished and stonewashed formats. I think the UI on the copper version of the O Pen 2 is the best while the Refyne P1 is a better pen for me to write with and use.

I enjoy penlight combos as they are my favorite small edc light to carry and augment in my loadouts of edc bags.

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