Time to upgrade chargers,..what do you suggest?

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Time to upgrade chargers,..what do you suggest?

I have been using an old Nitecore Intellicharger D4 for years. It has served me well other than being very slow to charge.

I would like a four bay charger that charges fast and has the ability to show battery capacity and voltage. I only have 18650’s at this time but would like the option to charge other batteries as well.

I have a large collection of 18650 batteries with no way of telling their condition which has me wanting a new charger.

The Xstar VC4s seems to be a good choice and is very economical but I don’t mind spending a little more if required.

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As I’m not an expert on chargers, I’d suggest you read this thread, as you’ll find some suggestions:


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If you are looking for a 4-slots charger, the VC4S can be suitable one, and it’s popular among our customers. It’s widely compatible, supports QC3.0 fast charging, max 3A for single slot. Smile

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I use the Xtar Dragon VP4 Plus and have been perfectly happy with it, might be worth a look Wink

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If you plan to be on this hobby for a long time, I recommend getting the MC3000. “Buy once cry once”

The opus is also an excellent lower budget alternative.

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If not needing fast charging, the Zanflare C4 is a great charger that has charged hundreds of lithiums (and NmHs too) for me the last few years- zero issues and pretty accurate IR feedback (better than most in this price range). Beware a lot of fast charge claims: is it JUST one slot (often the case) or all four?

For me, not in a big hurry to charge batteries as it’s an “every few months” chore I enjoy doing when I just go all around, collect, and top-off our several battery operated devices around the house. I admit the NOR test can run a LONG time (12-14 hours), but most chargers do take time on that one.

The C4 charges all four batteries up to 1000mA, but steps down to 300, or 500 (each bay select-able). It also can run any function individually (each bay is independent of the others). Protected 21700s ain’ta’ gonna’ fit though MOST flat-top 21700s BARELY fit. 26650s fit, but you can only fit two at a time (like most 4 bay charges out there). But you can fit smaller batteries between them so I often charge my 14500s inbetwinst’ the “fatties” when I have the big stack to charge.

Amazon seems out at this time, but several Chinese sellers are under $30 (think I paid $27 in 2018) for mine. Very happy with my unit and IF I step up in the future… ALL FOUR bays need to fast charge (and hopefully prices will have come down a bit too) Wink


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will34 wrote:
If you plan to be on this hobby for a long time, I recommend getting the MC3000. “Buy once cry once”

The opus is also an excellent lower budget alternative.

MC3000 not that good for the 21700 cells very tight and will not fit protected.