PIONEMAN U8A (SST-70): Review & Night Walk

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Rusty Joe
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PIONEMAN U8A (SST-70): Review & Night Walk
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Nice flashlight, and very nice review. I am still resisting upsizing from 18650s, but I can see the appeal here.

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I’m thinking you can probably tune out the donut hole in that beam without an OP reflector. I’ve never heard of the SST70 causing a meaningful dead spot in the beam. Maybe try different centering gaskets. It’ll use XML gaskets..

Sidney Stratton
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I ordered an SST-70 w/ boost driver to mod a YooToo SD3. I’m expecting some heat (30+ Watts). Didn’t know of donut hole issues w/ Luminus offerings.

It’s the proverbial wait on my orders that take the enthusiasm out. Won’t see the project till the end of the month…

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Oh wow.

It's Convoy M21C with a different name...

WTB Titanium 4sevens 2xAA tube