[Review] Astrolux FT03 - that isn't a thrower!!!

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[Review] Astrolux FT03 - that isn't a thrower!!!
PEAK cd Peak Beam Distance (m) cd at 30 sec Beam Distance at 30 sec (m) PEAK Lumens Lumens at 30 sec Turbo Amp Draw High Amp Draw
129,969 721 121,218 696 4322 Turbo – 1751 High 3900 Turbo – 1726 High 14.80 5.12

Tested using a Samsung 40T

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I’m gonna have to make a film using mine in our walking fields. Good video but you need a big open space to show it right off, and it’s pluses and minuses.
It throws as far as my BLF TE (which has a completely dedomed led in, no coating on it at all) but the TE is pure spot. The throw (FT03) gets diluted by the spill, but it doesn’t throw much less far, it’s just not so obvious.
With the BLF TE it is very obvious – it is a thrower through and through. We use both, as you know we go wildlife spotting every night – with such a small spot the BLF TE is difficult to ‘spot’ the animals as the spot is just that – this is where the FT03 comes into it’s own. I quickly wave it over the fields on turbo (it basically lights the whole lot up) and it shows up every animal eye in there, then we use it and the BLF TE to isolate what we want to watch. They work well together.
I did get into carrying the GT with us, but it’s just too big and cumbersome for everyday walks although it is the best thrower I have hands down – pees all over the BLF TE.

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Nice review !

I own it and really like it, and was fully prepared to argue your video title. Glad I watched it. Lol.

If it keeps up with my KR1 w2, it’s a thrower in my book.

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