[Review] Wainlight NM1 | Minimal price, maximal throw (18650, 8х7135, Osram CLSNMT.1

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[Review] Wainlight NM1 | Minimal price, maximal throw (18650, 8х7135, Osram CLSNMT.1

B stands for Budget in BLF. And, Wainlight NM1 is 100% about this.

If for some reasons you can`t (or don`t want to) spend more than $15 on flashlight, but still would like to get most possible throw, then this review is just for you. Pocket-sized, with simplest UI, 18650 battery and a throw you’d expect from a $50+ model, this flashlight will be a real revelation for those who consider buying even 20$ Sofirn C8G to be a serious financial challenge. Well, or simply, if you don’t need a flashlight, but there is just an interest to see what the most long-range modern LED is capable of and at the same time pay the minimum entrance ticket for this acquaintance.

You can buy Wainlight NM1 at:
ALIEXPRESS (as flashlight can be sold out quite fast, i give link to search results. 12-13$ models are DIY kits. You need 15-16$ items)

➤ another available alternative -> M21A (more capacious 21700 LED, full stabilization and more powerful driver, should be more throw). Actually, i`d prefer Sofirn C8G which is similar in price, but much more practical in terms of UI Moreover, C8G version with the throwy Osram LED will be released in future.

➤ There is also Convoy CSLNM1 version with 5A driver (wainlight use 2.8A). But choosing between m21a and C8 i see no reason to buy C8
➤ Convoy C8 CSLNM1 green version, interesting one, should have a good smoke penetration

there is no actual specification
I will write some brief one.

battery – 18650
LED – Osram CSLNM1.TG 6000K
max lumen: 1050LM
operating modes: 5% -40% -100% \ 5% -40% -100% -Strobe-SOS
UI – simplest one with tail button
Size: Length 142mm x Head Diameter 44mm x Body Diameter 28mm
Focus angle: 2 ° 17 ′
Voltage: 2.7-4.2V


I got 2 parcels with Wainlilght NM1. One has luxuary white think cardboard box (like S2+ and rest of ultrabudget stuff). Othere parcel didnt contain even such a box, just flahslight.

Actually, Wainlight NM1 is based on well-known Convoy C8+ body. And if it was not about the declared ultra-long-range LED from Osram, then it would have remained for me another mongrel clone of an unfading budget classic. Clone that i wouldnt bother to look at.

Actually, you can buy it at aliexpress named as Convoy NM1 or Boruit NM1. They all are 100% equal, difference is only in name and price (it is cheap when called Wainlight).

So, in everything that does not concern the LED and print with model name (which is C8G-S to my surprise) , Wainlight NM1 is the same well known Convoy C8+.

It has the same classic 8×7135 2.8A driver. There was a comment to one of my review, saying that putting 5A and decend thick copper MCPB gave a significant increase to the already considerable throw.

And here’s the most important thing. The classic Convoy C8 has not the longest-range XML-2 LED with a silicone dome. With the upgrade to C8 +, the LED was replaced by a slightly brighter and noticeably longer range XPL-HI. The Wainlight NM1 received the smallest and longest-throwing LED from Osram.

From left to right Sofirn C8G XHP35 HI -> Сonvoy C8 + XPL-HI -> Wainlight NM1




That’s all about design. Nothing complicated. Instead, ultimate simplicity of construction and design that lead to the lowest possible price, the simplest repairs and modifications.


Classic set of two groups: a) 3 modes + strobeSOS and b) only three modes without strobeSOS
Switching between these 2 groups is also the same. Turn on the minimum brightness, wait a few seconds until a single blinking and click at this moment

There is modes memory. Technically, NM1 can be weapon mounted, as there is remote button for Convoy C8.


The flashlight consumes 2.8A in 100% mode (again, the driver here is classic on 8×7135), so you shouldn’t wait for full stabilization, but the runtime is quite flat and it is acceptable for its money in everything except the unpleasant squeak of the driver in 5 and 40% modes.

Again, if you need perfect stabilization, you can buy M21A based version using the link above.

a) with the release of Sofirn C8G Osram, this option is of little interest, the sofirn has way more convenient UI.

b) SST40 LED that is used in current version Sofirn C8G is sufficient for almost all needs. The price tag, let me remind you, is equal to M21A. The difference in UI convenience is enormous.

So what we have in light itself.

Super-super focusing in the center with virtually zero side light. Honestly, I didn’t even expect such kind of focusing. The light, of course, is cold. The difference in focusing with the classic C8 + XPL-Hi is colossal. 1050 lumens is totally ordinary figure now. But flashlight really stands out with how these 1050 lumens work at distance.






Well, as the crown of all this, *750m *is the distance that few long-range lights can penetrate. And if we are talking about such pocket sizes, then they, perhaps, can be counted on one hand (only Acebeam L17 \ Acebeam L18 \ Olight Warrior X turbo fell into my hands)

I shot at this distance just in case. As it turned out – not in vain, the flashlight clearly finishes this distance. And this is frankly unexpected for a budget flashlight.

I couldn’t expect something like that from the $14 flashlight.
Subjectively, the throw of Wainlight NM1 is really close to much more expensive Acebeam L18 which has the same LED. It is clear that the difference in price also gives you aforementioned 21700 battery, full stabilization and excellent UI, not to mention the amazing appearance and build quality. And, by the way, it is expensive only against the background of hero of review – Wainlight NM1. For a novelty from a very good brand, Acebeam L18 has a frankly affordable price. And i really recommend this flashlight to you.


But, what to say, see for yourself the full review of the Wainlight NM1 in the video, there are a lot of alive shoooting . I just repeat there all what is written here, so there is no difference for you that i speak it in Russian.


Wainlight NM1 has the lowest possible design and price. It is extremely primitive in UI and for the sake of a penny price everything is sacrificed. Everything except throw. The flashlight delivers an amazing range of beam that you would never expect from a flashlight at this price point.

In fairness, due to zero side light Wainlight NM1 stands out in an already quite specific category as long-range flahslights. I`m sure that such a “only hotspot” light distribution will not be convenient to lot of people. That is not that cool to drive the beam to the left and to the right to highlight something outside the illuminated part. And here, in pursuit of throw you can hit the convenience of the illumination at distances closer than like 100-150m. The aforementioned Acebeam L17 \ L18 with the same LEDs bypassed this problem due to interesting TIR optics, which allowed adding a little peripheral light.

Immediately it turns out something like a laser pointer or sort of LEP models…with like at least 1\10 price of LEP -)
Nevertheless, such light distribtion will be just right for some users, as well as totally useless for other ones. And this is good – the more lights for a specific need, the better.

In general, the penny price makes it a good flashlight just to buy and play around. Actually, that’s how and because I bought it. And, guys. I`ve bought like 2-3 flashlights in last couple of years as i`ve got bunch of them for review.

And, guys, again. Its throw is impressive. Not the same as the most long-range flashlight, which I talked about in the last review, of course. But for a price of $15, it is unprecedented. And if you want to pleasantly surprise a person with a flashlight, having laid out the minimum price for it, the Wainlight NM1 is undoubtly the best flashlight to choose for such a need.

If you want to maintain the same size and throw, and work with best UI and full stabilization, check out the Acebeam L18. This is a fresh model from my fave mass-market brand. And its price is far from what one would expect.

What are the alternatives? If you need to work within a hundred meters, most budget solution is to take Convoy S11. If you need more throw, grab Sofirn C8G which is better than it`s Convoy rivals as it has way better UI.

So, botton line. If you wanted to buy the most affordable and long-range flashlight as possible, Wainlight NM1 is your uncontested choice, at least until the release of Sofirn C8G with Osram. I bet you can afford spending 15$ just to check what it is capable of. If you still need the same super-throw LED, pick more powerfull M21 based one. It`ll cost you extra 10$ but will have better throw. And, of course, quicker get hot in 100%.

So, there are some cool budget thrower now. They all are based on C8+ or M21a body, cost almost nothing and give you an astonishing throw.

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The Wainlight C8+ is inferior to the Convoy C8+ with the CSLNM1. The convoy C8+ uses a 4.8A CC driver with a better UI while the wainlight uses a 2.8A driver that doesn’t drive the flat white to its full potential.

They look so similar on the outside until you dig in.

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ah, thanx for clearing situaion. will update review

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$15 is a really awesome price for this light, even with the underpowered driver.
One should stack some more 7135s on it. Wink

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Sunnysunsun wrote:
The Wainlight C8+ is inferior to the Convoy C8+ with the CSLNM1. The convoy C8+ uses a 4.8A CC driver with a better UI while the wainlight uses a 2.8A driver that doesn’t drive the flat white to its full potential.

They look so similar on the outside until you dig in.

Even if everything was equal, why would I ever buy Simon’s light from Neal?