Big Discount! XTAR ET4S Charger (Basic Version)

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Big Discount! XTAR ET4S Charger (Basic Version)

XTAR ET4S charger is the basic version of BC4 charger. It has same appearance of BC4, and keeps basic charging features as below:
• Charge 1.5V Li-ion/1.2V Ni-MH AA/AAA Batteries
• 4 × 0.5A charging current
• Revive the over-discharged batteries
LED indicator

After removed the USB output and LED lighting function, ET4S is really cost-effective, if you only need basic charging function, it will be suitable.

Now, there is sales promotion for XTAR ET4S and 1.2V AA batteries.
For bundle price of 1*ET4S + 4*1.2V AA batteries:
Original: $35.98
Now: $27.99
Quantity: 30pcs available
Buy it at Amazon soon: