*** SOLD*** AMUTORCH X9 5000 Lumens RARE Red version

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*** SOLD*** AMUTORCH X9 5000 Lumens RARE Red version

AMUTORCH X9 5000 Lumens RARE Red version no longer available. Luminous SST-40 6500K LED. Includes 26650 battery. MINT Like New condition. Never carried or used. Retail is $68.00 with expedited shipping from China an extra $20.

It has 5000 lumens on turbo with a throw of 398m. it is 104mm x 42mm x 32mm. It has a lovely UI, easily switching between stepped and smooth brightness levels. It is a beautifully made light!

$55 including USPS Priority Mail shipping. There's more info on their website: https://amutorch.com/products/amutor...n-your-palm-28

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