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I switched to carrying a light in my back left pocket and a cutting instrument in my right back pocket a few years ago and haven’t switched since (unless dress requirements dictate otherwise). Pocket clips greatly enhance the ease of egress and ingress in this location (other things reside in those pockets, too, so placement is important).

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electromage wrote:
Clipped to my front pocket has been my primary EDC for almost 20 years. I started with a Streamlight TL-2, now carry a ZebraLight SC64C LE.

Wow that’s like a 2” difference in length! I got an SC4C LE first and it has spoiled me rotten. Every other light feels big by comparison.


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I am still hunting for a deep pocket carry clip for my Q8 Pro.

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I made a deep carry clip for my MF02S. Works well but sticks out of my pocket a bit.

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I’m holding out for a two way design for the L7. It’d make a great ball cap light imo

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Deep carry my Trusty MH20.

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G0OSE wrote:
Never EDC a light as in ‘carry’ one unused. (snip)
I guess if I had lights stored in enough places (car, garage, desk, etc) then I could live with that. I really like the convenience of having one on me at all times though. I have the Zebralight SC64C LE because it is so small it can live in the same pocket as my wallet and I don’t even notice that it is there. And yet, it can hit 828 lumens if the need arises and the lower lumen modes could last for days.

Out of curiosity, do you carry a knife or multitool?


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Clipped in coin pocket

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The only time I carry a light is when I head out in the dark —walk-trail—etc —- all the other times I have lights in my vehicles —toolboxes —desk —nightstand —vanity —and many other places

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Tec p7 clip (knock offs don’t work) to hold my foursevens mini III (kinda $$$ for what it is, but the only 123 twisty with memory for high) – clipped front left

I used to clip back left, but bent one clip badly on a bus seat

Larger lights feel too bulky when clipped to my pocket, and I find I always bang against things