COB LED Strip from Aliexpress.

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COB LED Strip from Aliexpress.

Hi everyone. I’m looking for some LED Strips. They must be low power (max 10W/m) and high LED density, since I want to put them on very thin profiles. These characteristics are kinda hard to find, unless on COB LED strips. I’ve found two stores at Aliexpress that sell them on 90 cri version: Auxmer Official Store and Raytron Solution Store. Both stores just states for Ra90, but no test reports or min. R9. I asked both stores for the test reports. Just Auxmer answerd until now. They said that the COB Strips aren’t that good and sent test reports for SMD LED strips and recommended using them.
Does anyone have already used some of these COB LED strips?
Raytron is a reliable store?
If I use 120 LED/m SMD strip on a 7mm thickness profile there will be visible marks?

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You can see Auxmer test results here

There is a separate thread here –