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Live wire!

My mom and I were running errands yesterday, and my sister called us and told us that the power was out.

We started to come home, and we were in our housing development, and we saw a brush fire pretty close to the road.

Apparently, a power line was hit by a tall vehicle, and a live wire caused the fire.

We called emergency services (911) and soon after, a fire truck was right behind us.

(We were not the first to call 911 about the situation yesterday.)

We went home, and the power was out for nine and a half hours.

Luckily, the weather here is very nice right now, so it was more of an inconvenience than a true disaster.

The power line that was hit crosses a street in our neighborhood, and was not at the proper height.

We were told that the power company would have to replace two telephone poles so that the new power line would be at an appropriate height.

That's our excitement from yesterday, and sorry, I don't have any photos for this story.  :-)

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I don’t think it was a car that started the fire. Better get your bug out bag ready man! Just in case.


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thing with most poles, they are used by several utilities at once, so replace it ,all of them need to be on site t at the same time, a power company will not touch telephone company wires, and telephone company will not touch cable company wires. so replacing a pole, unless it is down, can drag for years if not decades. now if someone knocked it down…………..

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Well, even though I called it a telephone pole, it may have been a power pole.

Utility poles all kinda look the same to me.  O:)

Oh, and the utility companies knew for years that those poles were too short.

They just didn't do much about it until the power line got severed.

For a while, there was yellow caution tape on the power line, but that plastic "tape" eventually fell apart due to high winds that we sometimes have.

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Love that song!

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