Just a thank you and a hi !

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Just a thank you and a hi !

I registered and created this message to say thank you. A little week ago, I decided to buy a small personal lamp… I’ve felt the need for it several times in the last few months. I moved a little bit to the country in a house.

I wanted to go on a model a little expensive (90€) of the brand olight and therefore I was reluctant to spend so much. I started to inquire and I fell from one thing to another on your forum …

Since a week, I read with great pleasure a number of your messages. Your tests are completely crazy, the photos and videos provide a lot of information. Thanks again…

As a result, I have changed my mind… and I have largely exceeded my initial budget. Big Smile

I have just validated on aliexpress (I buy my tea also on it) two orders (with batteries each time).
I will probably offer two of them to a friend and my brother.

1. Convoy

- C8 + with KW CSLNM1.TG
- M3-C with XHP70.2,26650
- Convoy with S21B KW CULPM1.TG
- LiitoKala – battery charger

2. Sofirn

- Sofirn SC01 mini
- Sofirn SP40

(and a kitchen knife and pens, but that’s another matter)

On this side, I say less thank you.

For personal.

I have been teaching math in France in priority education colleges for 7 years. My study was a little more Computer Science oriented, but my first jobs didn’t convince me. I passed the exam and the teaching convince me so I stayed there. Sometimes a bit exhausting but it’s still satisfying overall. It also allows me to complete my calculator collection. I love these little machines. I have about thirty of them. ^^

Reading has been for the last ten years or so a thing that relaxes me and gives me more of an escape than anything else. Mainly little novels like Agatha Christie.

(I am not fluent. Reading is ok but Writing take some time).

Thanks again!

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I hope you have fun here, Thom986!


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Welcome! Nice lights you selected there!

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Thanks !

Just waiting for the light. ^^

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Welcome from California! Glad to have you. I own the M3 and a couple SP40s and they are fantastic. Your other choices are great as well.

Glad you took the time to do some research because I think you will be very happy with them.