Camera lighting, Floody, no PWM, Constant ON ?

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Camera lighting, Floody, no PWM, Constant ON ?

Hi… I edited this thread title…

I’ve been using an old 6P / malkoff M60 for camera lighting, and want to upgrade to something 2021 brighter but with a similar kind of TIR beam. Floodier would be nice with a less pronounced hot spot.

No PWM (deal breaker as a cam light)
Body / tailcap diameter can not exceed 26.5mm (1 in)
Bezel cant be bigger overall than a 6P.
No sharp/abrupt, edge circle at the far extremes.
Geared more for a wide flood than throw.
Hi needs to be as bright as possible for ~4 minutes straight, no step down, good thermal management.
Turbo would only be used for ~30 second bursts
Flat top unprotected 18650 cells

So far I am considering:
Lumentop EDC18 (3x nichia HI CRI)
WUBEN TO46R (3x nichia HI CRI)
Convoy S2+ DIY build (XHP50.2 or SST-40, FET-DD for Turbo burst only. I’m pretty sure the stock OP reflector, or a TIR lens from Simon will flood enough for my needs)

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Simon has some cheap TIR optics in his store, but any of the correct size will work.

Just extract head, remove pill with tweezers, remove reflector, add TIR, remove housing from TIR if it doesn’t fit, put pill back enduring proper pressure but without forcing it, put tube back, test.

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Yeh, it makes a nice triple like the E2L and/or TO46R, but in general you’d need a spacer (got mine from kiba-ru, awesome), else the cell might be too loose.

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