So, should I? Talk me out or into it!

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So, should I? Talk me out or into it!

I have (perhaps) the opportunity to buy a solar powered radar trailer thingy. You know those things that sit by the road side, show your speed, and guilt you into slowing down.
I might be able to land one of these really cheaply like a few hundred bucks. They cost like 7K$ new.
I get to take a look at it tomorrow.

Provided it’s mostly all there, I wonder if I should get the thing.
Mind you, I have no use for it what so ever. I guess I could set it up at the local track and let folks see what they clock down the straightaway.

My wife is looking at me with that look – you know the one.
It calls to me…
Let me have your ideas for alternate uses…
All the Best,

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well, do you know where it is from? If it was decommissioned by a county or school organization, it should be fine… but you never know where people get these things from..?!

in some jurisdictions private people are allowed to use these type of devices, so if you have speeding vehicles in your street, it might work out for that?

Otherwise, good find.

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How’s your throwing arm? You could entice the local hotshot pitching prospects to see how hard they’re really throwing.

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Del Gue

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You could use it to measure how quick the light leaves your flashlight and hits a mark………if it goes that high lol! or point it at China to measure the speed of a delivery Silly
Otherwise, yeah I get it, why not indeed lol! after all us guys buy some weird stuff but ultimately it will be a garage queen so to speak!

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Since you have no use for it, you came to the right place. This is our specialty.

So what is your plan for it?

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If you can flip it for profit and split it with your wife, well , she will be happy Wink

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into it: this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
out of it: another thing to sit idle and take up space.

into it: “flip it” for a profit.
out of it: how much profit?

into it: rent it out.
out of it: renters.

lastly, if i had your chance,
i would buy it so i could place it
on our property beside the highway.
of course, whoever i bought it from
would have to give me a tutorial
as a condition of sale.

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Typically these are set up pretty close to the road on either state or city property within the public right of way but still off of the traveled paved portion of the road. Some local dots or police might have a problem if you try to put this in any way on public property. So how far off of the traveled portion of the road can you be and still have it work accurately. It’s unlikely it’s all going to be there and working. It seems like a unique novelty but in the end what do you do with it. Doesn’t have a title, does your state require one?

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Flip it is a possibility. After I play with it naturally.

Didn’t think about renting it out. That might be an actual use for the thing.
It looks (in pictures) in good shape. With my luck someone has already sealed the deal and made off with it.
I’ll let you know how I make out.
All the Best,

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I used to have to put those radar trailers out. I always felt like a goon pulling it behind my squad car. I always wanted to blow past one at about 60 – 70 mph and chuck a full beer bottle through it. Or shoot a 9 mm through it. But alas, I am a rule follower and never had the gumption to do so.

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I’d put it between my buddies and the refrigerator to see who can get another beer the fastest.

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Clock the speed of your wife’s divorce lawyers Mercedes 

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I’d consider it as a power source for a SHTF situation, kinda like one that your state just experienced. For me, the radar is nearly useless, but the solar panels and energy capacity is of interest. I doubt they store or generate that much energy/power, but for the right price, it could still be worth it

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Our high school kids around here love them. When they figure out no LEO’s around they use them for speed runs.

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How about this? Grab a LEO uniform and pull over some of those darn speeders, fine them with a couple of hundred bucks and buy some cool new flashlights ... aaaaand a nice necklace for your wife, so she will not be mad at you about this exotic investment anymore. Silly

(You didn't get this idea from me) Big Smile

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I am sure they need calibration every year and that’s probably $$.

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Is the seller a regular person (consumer) or is he/she selling it on behalf of an institution or so.
If he/she is a regular person he/she may have had some plans for it. And it did not work out.
And now he/she wants to get rid of it.

And you are a flashaholic, which means you got more lights than is good for your mental health.
Maybe the seller is willing to trade that radar for one of your pristine (spit polished) shelf queens.
Everybody happy, including mrs. jeff51.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Well I promised an update.
Went and saw the thing yesterday. It was in great shape and all there.
It was bigger than I expected from the picture. Too tall to fit in my garage. And the seller got another offer larger than what I was willing to take a chance on.
Oh well. I guess I won’t have to endure curious speculations from the neighbors with that thing sitting in the driveway.
And my wife has stopped (for now) giving me “The Look”….
All the Best,