parallel battery chargers

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parallel battery chargers

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this site and this is my first post.
As a part of my project, I want to charge different chemistry of batteries using buck controllers with same input supply. Then the batteries are connected in a manner that to step up voltage using boost controller and it is then connected to common load.

Suppose, a power bus of 36V is supplying to the two charge controllers i.e., buck controllers which are connected in parallel. Then at the output of each charge controller a battery is connected to charge.
Charge controller 1 is connected to Lithium ion 12V
Charge controller 2 is connected to Lead acid 9V
Note: Power supply of both charge controllers 1 and 2 is same i.e, 36V power bus.
Now in this design the batteries are connected to the boost controllers for step up voltage to 24. Two batteries two boost controllers.
Boost controller 1 is taking supply from Lithium ion 12V and steping up to 24V
Boost controller 2 is taking supply from Lead acid 9V and stepping up to 24V
Both the boost converters are connected to the common load bus using ORing controllers.

My doubts are:
1. Can the charge controllers connected in parallel with different outputs? Generally we connect charge controllers in parallel to double the current with 1 output but in my case different outputs. How can I control this process?
2. After charging the battery to its rated voltage, how can I control the charge controller?
3. Here if I use buck or boost converters, what kind of voltage control strategy is implemented either voltage or current? Generally, parallel converters operate with current control but I had different outputs there is no connection between the converters just an input terminals of same power bus 36V.

Can some one please guide me,

Thanks in advance.