【CA weekly deal】Sofirn have a 7-day Deal on Amazon.ca!

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【CA weekly deal】Sofirn have a 7-day Deal on Amazon.ca!


Hi guys;

I have a piece of good news!

Sofirn SC31PRO KIT have a 7-day Deal on Amazon.ca

(Mar 08 - Mar 14 )

Present price: 46.99

LD price: CAD35.69

The discount is decentcool

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to clickcool :




Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Great deal!

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Nico-lantern wrote:
Great deal!

Are you for real?

So far you have entered two posts.
Both posts are about Sofirn.
Both posts are two words long.
Both posts contain the word “great”.

If you are for real:
Welcome to BLF, and may you enter many many more great posts.

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Great Scott!

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Great Gatsby… so this is only for California? LOL

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