How are Banggood and Gearbest in 2021?

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zoulas wrote:
These companies are all “necessary evils.”

Their roots go back to the original 409shop that put online millions of cheap Chinese electronics.

If you choose not to patronize any of them, you are locking yourself out of significant technology.

Don’t forget, its the Chinese that lead in flashlight technology.

If an American company were to build something like the FT02S, they would charge $400 and it would be available a year after Astrolux produced it for $40.

Exactly, ppl complain so much on chinese flashlights etc but dont realize if they were made in usa they would cost so much more… better be grateful we can all buy cheap stuff for less money.

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It is not even just flashlights. All those thousands and thousands of Chinese engineers, designers, product managers, salespeople and manufacturing lines produce millions of different products that are reliable, affordable, even cutting edge and available.
We would be in a bad place without China.

Still, I prefer Aliexpress and Fasttech over other shops now. Kaidomain is also good.