How are Banggood and Gearbest in 2021?

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zoulas wrote:
These companies are all “necessary evils.”

Their roots go back to the original 409shop that put online millions of cheap Chinese electronics.

If you choose not to patronize any of them, you are locking yourself out of significant technology.

Don’t forget, its the Chinese that lead in flashlight technology.

If an American company were to build something like the FT02S, they would charge $400 and it would be available a year after Astrolux produced it for $40.

Exactly, ppl complain so much on chinese flashlights etc but dont realize if they were made in usa they would cost so much more… better be grateful we can all buy cheap stuff for less money.

...where Frugal meets with Flashlight!

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It is not even just flashlights. All those thousands and thousands of Chinese engineers, designers, product managers, salespeople and manufacturing lines produce millions of different products that are reliable, affordable, even cutting edge and available.
We would be in a bad place without China.

Still, I prefer Aliexpress and Fasttech over other shops now. Kaidomain is also good.

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I think I've ordered from all the main places, some just a couple times.  Haven't used GB since about 2015 and I think I only did two orders with them but both went off without a hitch and arrived quickly...I hear nothing but horror stories about them in the last couple years, though.  I am not a fan of BG but I still order from them on occasion - just placed an order for an L2 in that beautiful sand color since Simon is currently out of stock (even worse, I had to use a Bridgetec coupon code...but it saved me a small chunk!).  I get so tired of the BG games with pricing and shipping.  I had to cancel checkout twice this round from the cart and from the Paypal payment page until the correct price showed and stuck...kept trying to add shipping insurance and remove the discount (and gee, I didn't even take them up on their free gift items offer either...).

After the FT03 buy, I swore I'd had enough of BG and haven't ordered from them since.  In that buy I had some other items (which was foolish to do them all on the same order...better to do them separately) and there were errors and omissions in the goods received.  After much time spent messaging and jumping through hoops, I got a couple bucks back and a bunch of those comical and worthless BG points.  But y'know what?  As I logged in and checked out this evening, all of those points had vanished.  But for good prices on items that are hard or impossible to get domestically, I just expect a little hassle here or there when ordering directly from overseas for the most part. 


Additionally, I think I may be getting stiffed for a dead Lumintop ODL20C that was purchased from BG two years ago.  No response from Lumintop direct email via their site, so I contacted them on Amazon where they were super helpful and quick to respond multiple times, but also apparently and totally unable to actually assist me with warranty or parts.  They forwarded my info to headquarters and suggested I contact BG for the warranty.  Ugh.  So I chatted with BG, who basically told me they could not help because the light is discontinued and they have no stock left...told me to work directly with Lumintop.  I normally don't even think about warranty with Chinese products purchased abroad, but when one pushes a five year warranty, that does factor in to a purchasing decision and I expect them to honor it somehow if they're still in business.  It seems like the Chinese typical warranty process and expectation is different from our normal US processes where the manufacturer actually handles the warranty usually, or will if need be, rather than a retailer (long after their usually short return period).  So BG is "responsible", so to speak, according to Lumintop, but they're dropping the ball.  I hope Lumintop doesn't do that as well.  If anyone has any suggestions or warranty stories to share, I'm all ears.  I do know that Lumintop products purchased on Amazon get great and fast warranty service even if the product is out of stock (generally a straight replacement without return, no parts it seems). 

Now, my experiences with Aliexpress have been 99.5% great other than a couple items that I knew were low quality but turned out to be garbage.  I think I've ordered on Ali about a hundred times and only had two hiccups, both of which were handled immediately and generously (one by the seller and one by Ali).  And of course everything from Simon and Sofirn and a handful of other great sellers on there has been 100 all the way. 

GB and BG are at the bottom of my list, mostly, but you can sure do worse.

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I recently found out that I had 20.03 $US in my BGpay account, which, initially, made me happy. spending that amount was a horrible experience. The funds were in there because of a refund a while ago and they didn’t want to refund cash (as always).
you can’t top-up the bgpay wallet unless you put 100$ into it. you can not split payments, so the item you buy HAS to be the same amount you have in your wallet. because it was a refund, the money can not be withdrawn to a bank account or paypal.
what a horrible system.

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My first successful(hopefully), order with BangGood is en-route to my location via “ocean shipping.” How exciting! None of that boring ol’ planes and jets stuff, a real tour ‘round the world’s scenic shipping lanes is taking place on my behalf for my first piece of “serious” battery test equipment. How I wish I could join it on its way home! I hear the food on container ships is surprisingly sophisticated. I normally scrimp by on a lentil or two, but I’ve heard that the suppers on shipping vessels could put the color right back into Guy Fieri’s hair!

Now, this wasn’t my first order. Oh no. My first order was plagued with impulse and rigid and misunderstood customer relations.

I opened the tab the aforementioned test equipment was in and noticed there was a minute and a half left of a sale. Said sale was bringing the theoretical price from an astronomical $186 down to a user-friendly and smooth $169! I knew right then I had to have it. In a calm and collected manner, I clickity-clacked away, navigating the checkout process via mouse and keyboard. Not rushed, not quickly, but calmly and collectedly. People make mistakes when they rush. And this was not a time for mistakes! Despite the PayPal window displaying a total of $169, the order complete page said I had just stimulated the Chinese economy with $189.

After lighting some candles, I opened the chat app doodad on their website and with repeated and determined attempts to contact the living, I got through to the other side! What I must have said was, “Could you please screenshot the page of the item and crudely circle the price by hand while explaining that despite the fact that I feel bad about my purchase, you’re only providing genuine information about my order?” Because that’s exactly what they did! Bless their little hearts! It must have been a complete delusion that I thought I had said if you can match the $169 great, if not, cancel the order. After asking multiple times, I did get them to agree to cancel the order. Oh blessed day! And it did go back on my bank account via paypal after a few days.

Having already tasted the sweet and sour marinade of the ocean supper, I still hoped to acquire the aforementioned test equipment. Remembering netizens of the great BLF have at times called upon the powers of the mighty Fin17, I inquired at the possibility of obtaining a significant deduction. Ask and ye shall receive! I was fortunate enough to spend just $161 to call a KP184 electronic load my very own. All that’s left is to order a USB to serial adapter and make a battery holder, and… wait!

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Hilarious Big Smile

So, which cabin it has? First class on the front or second class on the back?