Convoy L6 XHP70.2 5000K & 6000K Tint Selection

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Convoy L6 XHP70.2 5000K & 6000K Tint Selection

I have 2 questions today.

My Convoy L6 came with an XHP70.2 @ 4000K. I really like the tint even though it's got a hint of greenlaughing. I like the hues that the tint gives when I'm out amongst vegetation.

I decided to try either a 5000K or 6000K. 

For the 6000K, will the tint still be really bluey cuz it's only 500K away from 6500K! And I heard that 6500K's are really bluey. I'm looking for full throw, distance and color accuracy. So I'm thinking maybe go for the 5000K? 

Also, why does it cost more for the 5000K? The only thing different is the tint. Supply and demand maybe?money-mouth