Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Olight Marauder 2 (14000 + 800 lumens, 3*21700, fast charge))

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Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Olight Marauder 2 (14000 + 800 lumens, 3*21700, fast charge))

I suggest you take a look at this top-end flashlight in the Olight model line and see what the manufacturer offers for a quite high price tag of $ 250.

Marauder 2 became another update of the rather popular previous model. At the time of release in 2016, the first Marauder had a colossal by those standards brightness of 9000 lumens. In the new version, the brightness increased to 14,000 lumens and got a separate long throw mode. Moreover, switching to 21700 battery significantly improved runtime.

➤You can buy Olight Marauder 2 at AMAZON
➤ Good holster for it or any other similar sized flaslight can be found here at Aliexpress or Banggood (seems that model from BG should fit)

Light source – 12 diodes OSRAM KW CULPM1.TG/OSRAM P9 (seems to be them. Olight decide to hide this info.)
Light output power – 14,000 lumens.
The luminous flux range is 800 meters.
Luminous Intensity – 99,200 Candela
Lens – mineral impact-resistant glass with anti-reflection coating on both sides.
Reflector – acrylic high-temperature TIR optics with total light reflection.
The number of modes – 15.14 brightness modes and 14 Hz Strobe.
Low battery indication will warn you about the need to recharge the flashlight.
UI – a reverse switch, which is placed on the body of the flashlight near the head.
Operating mode memory – except Strobe and Turbo.
Power supply – rechargeable built-in unit of 3 pcs. li-ion 21700 3.7 V., with a capacity of 54 W * h. or 15000 mAh.
The battery is charged via USB Type-C with a current of ≈ 30W
Digital brightness stabilization in all brightness modes.
Blocking against accidental activation.
Radiator plates in the head of the flashlight perfectly remove heat from the LEDs when working in Turbo mode.
Rugged ergonomic body made of aircraft grade T6061 T6 aluminum with grade 3 (maximum) hard anodizing.
A specially designed wrist strap holder slides out of the body.
The crown made of stainless steel with a blue PVD coating will protect the flashlight from damage if accidentally dropped.
The flashlight fits perfectly on the end.
Shock protection according to FL1 Standard (falls from a height of up to 1 meter).
The body is water-resistant according to the IPX-8 standard (temporary immersion under water no more than 2 meters for 30 minutes).
CE and RoHS Certification certified.
Dimensions: 79 mm x 53 mm x 140 mm
Weight: 750 g (with battery)


Since the flashlight is top-end, one of most expensive Olight models ever, it is logical that the packaging matches. You get a large box with excellent printing and exceptional gift potential.

The kit consists of the flashlight itself and a separate box with add-ons: lanyard, power supply unit and type-c charging cable, manual.

It is frankly strange (read stupid) that, unlike the previous model, Marauder 2 kit doenst include so needed holster.

The flashlight is compact enough for its brightness. The previous version was one centimeter shorter, but even now 14cm is not that much.

As for the design, the new version, in my opinion, has seriously advanced in design due to the rough lining on the body and the spiral knurling in the head.

The flashlight looks just superb. Damn cool and futuristic. It has by far one of the most memorable designs I’ve seen. Hopefully Olight will continue to use this spiral knurling idea in other models.

And this is how the previous model looked, by the way. Nice too, but definitely simpler than the new version.

There is the same ribbed ring around the tail. By rotating this ring you can close the Type-C charging connector. The move is tight, smooth, with no chance of accidental opening. Now the cover of this connector has become a diaphragm type.

It is worth clarifying that if you have straight hands, you can change the batteries by yourself without much effort. Replacing batteries in a dealer’s service is also available.

Charging deserves special attention. With the declared 30 watts, the unit actually gives 35, which is great. But unlike promised in specs, Marauder 2 consumes only 25watt charge amperage, so it turns out to fully charge in 3 hours with a little. That is, however, is also an extremely good charge time.

The power bank mode is remarkably implemented with 30 watts of maximum output power. I managed to drain 41 watt * hours for both 5v2a and 20v1.5a loads, which I think is just an excellent result as there is no loss on conversion to higher power output .

The body is covered with plastic cheeks instead of knurling. Their roughness, coupled with an ergonomic groove for fingers, makes the grip comfortable and firm. Yes, they can begin to peel off after a while. Well, man, add some glue and that`s it.

There is a retractable mount for the lanyard as in the previous model,

Above it are a throw-flood beam switch and a rotary dimmer button. To the right of it is a charge level indicator, to the left is a brightness level indicator. It is convenient to operate with bare hands, but a more embossed button would definitely do for gloves.

The head is rather massive, but commensurate with the overall dimensions of the body. As I said, I just really like the spiral groove, which looks very impressive live.

The teeth of the bezel are unexpectedly large for such a purely peaceful flashlight. There is a plastic (and I don’t like it at all) lens. Why don’t i like it? It immideately started to collect scratches.

That is why not adding holster to kit is something between stupidity or spit in face of end user. Surpising fact from such a large brand.

All this alive, of course, looks very impressive. Again, the design of the Olight Marauder 2 is astonishing

Olight dont officially name what LEDs are used. Judging by third-party information, they are dozen OSRAM P9 for the near and the most fashionable OSRAM KW CULPM1.TG for the long-range. Well, i understand reasons to pick last one (more throw and attractive figure in specs). But from the staindpoint of real use, P9 is…well…strange. I believe that total majority of BLF members would preferr a neutral light bundle of XHP50.2 and XHP35 HI.

What esle…There you can see a tiny window of the IR sensor, which does not allow you to turn on above the 3rd mode if there is something nearby. Those. you won’t burn your pocket. You can turn it off if you want, but I wouldn’t do that.

The appearance is amazing. Excellent charge / discharge. I didn’t like the plastic lens. Would love to see a holster and neutral LEDs.


It stands apart from usual Olight UI.

In general, it will do. Except when wearing thick gloves, it can be uncomfortable to turn the disc. However, not every button can be easily felt with when gloves are on.

Unlocking the rotary pushbutton: Within 30 seconds, the pushbutton will automatically lock if no action is taken. To unlock, rotate the button 90 degrees, after which the indicator around it will light up for 3 seconds.

Turn on / off: press once on the unlocked button to turn on / off the flashlight. When turned on again, the flashlight remembers the previously selected brightness level (level 7 is not memorized; level 5 or 6 are memorized only for 10 minutes, and then return to level 4).

Changing Brightness Levels: When the flashlight is on, turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise to change the brightness level.

Light Shape Selection: Pull the button up for a narrow beam or down for a wide beam. The brightness level will remain unchanged. The indicators will light for 3 seconds when the toggle switch is turned.
Turbo Mode: Press the unlocked button twice to activate Turbo Mode (level 7). Press the button twice again to go to Level 4.

Strobe: Quickly press the unlocked button three times to activate strobe mode. In strobe mode, press the button to turn off the flashlight. Press and hold or rotate the button to exit strobe mode.


The flashlight has great both runtime and stabilization. 2 minutes at maximum 14000 lumens are really good result.

But the best thing is that i measured a hour at 6400lum in 6/7 mode with fan cooling! And then the brightness drops to about 1500lum and lasts a little less than an hour. so, that`s what you can expect outdoor.

As for the less powerfull throw mode, then everything is fine with runtime as well, no suprpise.

The color temperature is about 6000K. And it has ugly greenish tint that may repell those experienced users who care non only about amount of light, but also about it`s quality. Though that will be ok for regular user.

If we talk about light as such, then the Olight Marauder II does exactly what it should. It shines a hell of a lot for his size. Of course, this is not a unique – there are the same Fenix ​​LR35R, Imalent MS06 and models from Acebeam (not to mention Meteors). But what exactly I like about Marauder 2 is the excellent runtime at high modes.

The throw mode leaves a mixed impression. On the one hand, due to the combination of the lens and the LED, the Olight managed to give a chic range for this size. You will not need to climb even above 4/7 in most situations, and you will have light in such a sufficient mode within a radius of a couple of hundreds of meters for the whole night. In this case, the illuminated area will be quite considerable. On the other hand, you get well known square instead of the usual circle (which is not bad, as is) and, which is much more unpleasant, monstrous color artifacts. The light around this square is really disgusting.

Nevertheless – when you need to illuminate something in the distance, there will be no issue of this green-yellow border for most of useres as long as flashlight let you see things in distance.
And let me remind you that Olight Marauder 2 does it succesfully and impressively.

At a full brightness of 14,000 lumens, the flashlight illuminates EVERYTHING around within a radius of a couple of hundred meters. In the long-range mode, i managed to see some light even at 750m distance, which is the limit for many long range flashlights.







Many more examples of how it works can be seen in the Olight Marauder 2 video review.


With a few exceptions, Olight Maradeur II left a very positive impression on me. And I’ll probably start with these exceptions.

So. Functionally, I didn’t like the throw beam color artifacts. And the color temperature itself for me is more “well…ok” , rather than “yeah!”

I totally dislike the fact that the kit does not include a holster, thing that is definitely necessary for a plastic lens. Few people will agree to carry a flashlight in their pocket and collect scratches on this lest. It is clear that it is not a problem to buy a holster of this size in generally. But when you pay 330$ you can expect 2-3$ holster, dont` you?

And, yes. Price. Olight Marauder 2 costs almost half as much as the X9R, but twice as much as the still very bright X7R. It is clear that this is a new model, that this is a top-end novelty of Olight, and it will be bought even with such a price tag. The question is if a flashlight was a hundred bucks less, there would be much more buyers. I don’t understand why the manufacturer put up such a high price tag.

The brightness switching dial caused mixed emotions in me. On the one hand, you can switch the brightness quickly, there is a clear indication of the charge and brightness level on the sides of the spinner. But in winter, with gloves, the situation will definitely change.

Otherwise, everything is fine.

The flashlight looks amazing and really eye-catching.

After switching to 3 * 21700, the flashlight remained in quite sane dimensions, while the runtime increased significantly. And despite this great capacity, the charging speed is amazingly fast. You don’t have to put it on all night. Not even every flashlight on a 1 * 18650 battery will be charged in 3 hours. And here we are talking about three 21700! And, importantly, that is regular charge port. Not a pin or a native Olight magnetic one, but the most common Type-C.

This is just a rare case when the built-in batteries did not cause any negativity at all.

Powerbank mode is superb as well with full support for a 30W discharge!

Due to the overall battery capacity and current output, the flashlight works for a very long time even at 6400lum mode, which I never expected. With this brightness, you will illuminate everything around in a radius of hundreds of meters without the need to turn the flashlight to find something with a beam. In general, everything will be illuminated.

This is, of course, excess light for bragging or some rare need. For normal needs, you have almost half a day at 800 lumens. And this brightness is enough for your eyes as an ordinary pedestrian light.

If you need to reach somewhere far away – no problem. Yes, square. Yes with a border. But you can get it up to 750m for sure. And for a flashlight, where the throw mode is rather an addition to flood light, I consider this result outstanding.

There are a lot of “very” in this lantern. It is very good looking and very expensive. With a very bright light that lasts a very long time without stepdown and reaches very far in long-range mode. Very large overall battery capacity and very fast charging. In terms of power, the flashlight also gives a lot – not every power bank will give out 30 watts.

So if the current price tag of the flashlight does not breach your wallet and you do not have a “gourmet”, flashlight approach to the quality of light (NW color temperature and no artifacts), then I think that buying the Olight Marauder II will leave you with a good impression of this model. The only thing, I repeat, is to buy a large holster. It seems you can get such a big one for this mode here at aliexpress or at Banggood.

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Thank you for the informative review. Interesting light indeed.

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Great review, thankyou .

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Excellent review! Personally though I can’t stand lens type optics with no spill. I’ve had some fun with lights at home sticking them in a telescope and shooting the square beam out – but no practical use for it. Very surprised Olight went this way rather than a small Osram W1 or similar emitter/smooth reflector combo in the center. They do seem to like their green tints though…..