Work Glove Tests from Project Farm

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Work Glove Tests from Project Farm

The Project Farm guy tests a bunch of work gloves.
Geese I love this guy. So inventive.

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That was fun to watch Thumbs Up

I do not think the type of gloves with the plastic protection on the back is much of a thing in the EU, I have not seen them around at least.

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Good video, painful listen – I literally had to mute it.

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I should of wore those gloves when I went to trim the prune tree. Had just a little jab on my thumb. Wasn’t even bleeding and then couple hours later, swollen like heck. Good thing I have lots of different essential oils for it.



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I use Australian made deer leather they last me a lot longer than the major brands that are all made in Asia these days and some are even more expensive but end up with holes in the thumb and pointer finger very quick.
I might try a pair of those ironclad gloves to see how they go as wear (holes) is my main problem.

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Grip (especially when wet) and comfort (lots of these gloves have seams in the fingertips that dig RIGHT under my nails and rub that spot raw) are two things I’d care about before seeing if gloves will stand up to this kind of abuse. If I can’t grab things with them and/or they’re painful BEFORE I put my hand in a bear trap I’m not likely to wear them.

Maxiflex nitrile-dipped are still the best I’ve found for most “light” work. All of the other brands I’ve tried have far worse fit and grip.

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I like buffalo leather gloves because they are real leather, and they're puncture resistant.

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Yeesh, y’mean no one came out with chain-mail gloves yet?

I was thinking cloth “work gloves” like for digging in the garden, and alla those are like something out of Halo. LOL

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I like these ones. They’re called goat gloves. Quite comfy and tough.





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Rat wrote:
I might try a pair of those ironclad gloves to see how they go as wear (holes) is my main problem.

I’ve had a pair of Ironclad Ranchworx Leather Work Gloves for about three years.

I used them a few too many times when wet and managed to develop some holes near the finger tips.

They are super comfortable after breaking in. I still haven’t thrown them out.

I was thinking of getting some white leather rigger gloves but they don’t look very flexible.

The Ironclad Super Duty gloves look comfortable but I imagine that blackberry thorns would get stuck in the side of my fingers if I pull up some weeds and accidentally grab a small bit of blackberry sprouting up.

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jeff5, thanks for the link.

regarding real leather gloves…
i have used buffalo, cow, deer, goat, and pig leather.
for the price: goat has been the best for work.
for comfort and feel: deer beats everything.
cow is the cheapest.
buffalo is the most expensive.
(kangaroo is high, too, but i have not used them)
bottom line: pig is not the “best” in any category,
but it is in the middle range of all of them.

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I love Project Farm. His voice has sped up over time, it is a bit more difficult to watch, but fantastic stuff. I’m eagerly awaiting the “best additive to keep gas fresh longer” video. Specifically: Stabil, Stabil 360, Startron, Seafoam and PRI-G in a head to head death match.

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There is another aspect as to which might be the “best” gloves. Depends on what you’re doing. As a logger in the Pacific Northwest, I have always used double-layer cotton gloves. All of us do when we’re working with chokers and wire line(cable). You might get a week out of a pair of gloves—sometimes only a day. So why cotton when other materials are more durable? So you can tear yourself free if you get hung up on a frayed line. Could be the difference between life and death.

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