20+ Amp capable reverse switches?

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20+ Amp capable reverse switches?

Is anything available that’s able to take 20+ amps?

Lights like the NSX3/4 which run a good 20+ amps through 3/4 50.2s and the Amutorch XT45 and NI40 with sbt90.2s exist. Does anyone know what switches they’re using?

Convoy has 10A ones and so does this seller on aliexpress but I feel like these ratings don’t have as much room for error like the omten1288s which were 1A rated but could take 15 amps sometimes.

Has anything new with low resistance become available since 2014 or is it possible to mod a switch to be reliable but able to take higher amps?

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Convoy will be releasing new higher current switches, but unsure whether it’s forward or reverse clicky

Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with maukka lights

New Zealand store – https://www.piercingthedarkness.co.nz (NZ customers only)

YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIUWi2vYp4CWrRkOJM70t_w/videos (Demos for my customers, and reviews)