Impossible to DIY a tunable LED bulb?

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Impossible to DIY a tunable LED bulb?

I’m having a blast learning electronics and soldering – just ordered my first custom single-switch PCBs for my next iteration of a fully custom ergonomic keyboard.

Given my obsession with high-CRI, healthy, CCT-tunable home/work lighting and home automation, I’m intrigued at the idea of combining those things to be able to create exactly what I want for home/work lighting.

That said, after reviewing several tear-downs of LED bulbs, I’m struggling to visualize how one might determine all the appropriate components, source them all, and (safely) fit them in a fixture somewhat close to an E26/7 A21 bulb shape.

With keyboards, there are a vast array of precedents to learn from and reference. Even on this forum, there’s plenty about the LEDs, PCBs and optics, but I’m not finding anything about building a power supply and wireless controller within an 8 cubic centimeter cone/cylinder shape that also serves as an adequate heat sink for 8-14W.

Is this mission impossible? Are there examples of this that you’re aware of?

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Not a DIY but something you can buy

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I think I am trying to solve the same thing:

I have similar requirements, tunable color temperature, very high CRI, but I also have not found an off the shelf solution yet…

I considered simply replacing the LEDs on a hue ambience bulb, but found that taking them apart in a way that is not completely destructive is not practical. Additionally they use a very weird LED topology with some green leds (presumably to compensate the crappy white LEDs).

My current plan is to get some LED housings like these:

Then make a custom board with these YujiLEDs:

And than drive them with an external constant current eldoled powerDRIVE (from somewhere remote):

I have to figure the wiring out, but I was thinking to just use the e27 for mechanical interface, and then have a separate small 4-pin connector for the DC.