Powering an Astrolux FT03 via 12vdc system

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Powering an Astrolux FT03 via 12vdc system

After toying around with my new FT03 sst40 light, it dawned on me that I could make an impressively bright light bar, with five or six of the flashlight heads.
My son and I spend nearly every weekend, rain or shine, prowling the waters near us, on a 50ft houseboat.
I have a home brew HID spotlight on the roof, but I made it with an old halogen setup, that’s controlled by a handle inside the cabin. In rough seas, it can be challenging to run the light and steer the boat.
I’ve searched for an answer to my question, but still can’t seem to determine the best power supply for running the lights from the boat’s 12v wiring.
I can weld, braze, and solder, so a housing and associated hardware isn’t a concern, but I’ve thus far seen an overwhelming amount of step down converters, and can only wonder if I’d need to ensure that they yielded 30amps of 3.7v current to the fixtures.
With the cost of reflectors and such, purchasing a handful of complete lights seemed like a big head start towards the desired result. From there I’d have to figure out whether to bypass the internal flashlight switches/drivers,