Thrunite Catapult (SST-70 Version): Meh!

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Rusty Joe
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Thrunite Catapult (SST-70 Version): Meh!

Anyone disagree with me?
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I think SST-40 or just XHP35.2 HI would have been far more sensible choices for this light that would have stayed much closer to the much-loved but discontinued versions performance.

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The SST70 version also needs to run at a much higher lumen output to reach close to the throw of the original XHP35. The XHP35 Hi version had better throw at more sustainable outputs. I agree, this was a poor choice on their part.

They clearly had to find a replacement of the discontinued XHP35 HI, and they chose to go for more lumens in a thrower which was a poor choice!
The lack of Neutral White is also a fail.