【New Product】XTAR FC2 Charger

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【New Product】XTAR FC2 Charger

So glad to share xtar released the new charger FC2! Big Smile

Pls feel free to view more details on website:

Main features:
*Wide compatibility for 10440-26650 Li-ion batteries, Ni-MH Ni-CD batteries.
*Available for protected 21700 batteries.
*2A/1A/0.5A charging current can be selected manually.
*Micro-USB charging port compatible with all 5V USB power.
*Two slots charging independently.
*0V activation function revives over-discharged batteries.
*TC-CC-CV three-stage charging.
*Multiple protections for over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit etc.
*LED indicators for real charging status and anti-reverse

How do you think of xtar new charger FC2?

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I like the mechanical switch for charge current selection.

For a minute I thought the FC2 was going to be my new travel charger until I saw that has a micro USB input (rather than Type C) and can only charge one cell a 2A. The specs are ok but not really an upgrade over my current Lii402/Lii202 combination.

I’m looking for a charger with the following features:

  • Li-ion and Ni-MH support
  • manual current selection up to 2×2A from
  • USB PD input via Type C.

XTAR is frustratingly close to producing the charger I want:

  • the FC2 has manual charge current selection, but the input is micro USB and it can only do 2×1A
  • the SC2 can charge at 2×2A or 1×3A, but the input is QC 3.0 over micro USB and the charge current is automatic
  • the PB22 has a Type C input and can charge at 2×2A, but it can only charge Li-ion and the charge current is automatic

All of the above are probably great charges and are very well priced, but they don’t quite meet all my needs as a travel charger.

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I too am very curious about the choice to use micro USB over USB-C. They already use USB-C in other products, so it’s not like it would be new for them. Micro USB is obsolete, and it’s one of my few absolute deal breakers in any product I’m looking at.

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Yea, new product and micro USB?? Deal breaker for me as well.

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I count eighteen(!) dual-slot charger models on Xtar’s site, and that doess’t include the portable PB series chargers, of which there are three.

Even if some are removed, for being older models, or discontinued, there seems to be a surfeit of options that can be difficult for a aficionado to sort through, never mind a non-discriminating laymen simply looking for a charger.

And worse, as noted above, the lack of coherence results in a new model that has a mix of features that doesn’t entirely coalesce with what would be expected of a current, never mind state-of-the-art charger for 2021.

Full 21700 compatibility and modern power inputs should be considered pre-requisites for any new model, yet this new FC2 has one, but not the other.

Perhaps it’s time to rationalize, if not blow up the lineup and start a new era, with clearly delineated Basic/Step Up/Top, or Good/Better/Best segments.

Basic – simple indicators, standard charge currents, standard inputs
Step up – more detailed display, uprated currents, uprated inputs
Top – full displays, highest currents, highest/most flexible inputs, manual controls, analysis functions

Offer each level with two or three different capacities, and that would halve the number of models in the lineup. Intelligently design a common, fleixlbe “platform” for each segment, or each capacity (like automotive OEMs do), and save on the development and manufacturing costs, both present and future.

Or, do none of the above, confuse shoppers, and be stuck with making a multitude of disparate models that complicate things all around.

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Shame about no USB C, what were they thinking Sad

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