Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Acebeam L35 (XHP70.2, 21700). Ahh, i like this flashlight!

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Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Acebeam L35 (XHP70.2, 21700). Ahh, i like this flashlight!

“L” model line of Acebeam is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting flashlight series ever. Most of these models have good throw (i`ve already posted review of Acebeam L17 and Acebeam L18) and manufacturer added absolutely different model, flashlight attract with brightness, not with throw. The result is an extremely robust, versatile model, which (i tell you in advance) i damn like and honestly recommend!

you can buy Acebeam L35 at:



LED modification:
Acebeam L35 – Lattice Power P70 diode ≈ 6500 K Cool white, 4300 lumens 570 meters
Acebeam L35 – diode Cree XH-P 70.2 ≈ 5000K Neutral white, 5000 lumens 480 meters
Light source – LED Cree XH-P 70.2 or Lattice Power P70.
The service life of the LED is 50,000 hours (about 5 years of continuous operation).
Luminous flux power – up to 5000 lumens.
The range of the luminous flux is up to 570 meters.
Luminous flux – up to 81.225 Candel.
7 operating modes: 6 brightness modes and strobe signal mode.
Optics – acrylic high temperature Carclo TIR optics.
Switching modes is carried out by a button located on the lamp cover.
Reverse polarity protection.
Blocking against accidental activation.
The temperature sensor adjusts the brightness when the LED becomes too hot.
Remembers the last used mode.
Constant brightness in all modes (digital dimming without PWM flicker)
Powered by 1 × 21700 Li-ion or 1 x CR123A battery.
It is recommended to use high current batteries (discharge current 20A or more).
Driver working range, V: 3 – 12.
All circuit pins are gold plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability.
The spring-loaded battery compartment protects the internal electronics from damage when the flashlight is dropped or a weapon is fired.
Radiator fins at the head of the lantern ensure efficient heat dissipation.
Impact resistant (drops from a height of up to 1.2 meters).
The level of moisture protection is IP68 (submersion under water no more than 5 meters for 30 minutes). * The flashlight is not intended for underwater use
European Union RoHS Certification

Length, mm: 152
Head diameter, mm: 54.2
Case diameter, mm: 25.4
Weight without battery, gr: 161 (without battery)


The package is good, I would not expect anything different from Acebeam. The design is rather modest, but only against the background of other models.

The kit includes the flashlight itself, 21700 battery with Type-C charging connector, holster, lanyard, clip, O-rings, charging cable, manual and warranty, spare button. There is absolutely everything you need.

The holster is good, as usually. It completely covers the flashlight.

The dimensions of the flashlight are quite common for any tactical or compact long-range model. Actually, the entire L-line is built on the intersection of these two types of flashlights.

As you can see above, L35 is an actual clone of perhaps the best modern serial long-range flashlight (LED + 1 battery combination) – Acebeam L18. The real visible difference between is only in different TIR lenses. Well, the L35 is 2mm shorter and as much wider in head diameter.

In all other respects, the flashlight remains the same. It has a relatively compact size and a nice recognizable design.

The direct click power button at the tailcap remained unchanged. Access to it is convenient from all sides, unlike the Acebeam L19.

There is a thick single spring inside the tail cap. This is quite normal for an L18 with a much less powerful LED, but 5000 lumens of brightness (let’s make the assumption that this figure is real) Acebeam L35, I think, require a double spring, or, in extreme cases, a bypass

There is also a contact tab for an additional signal-conducting sleeve pressed into the body. I did not get it into the frame, and I did not reshoot pic – taical of L19 is the same inside, so you can take a look at it.

Thank you very much , Acebeam, that you let us use any conventional batteries. Unlike some companies who force user to buy extemely expensive and specific batteries, depriving user of the opportunity to work with some others. So you can either install additional sleeve or express “fku!” to users with such proprietary batteries.

The same spring is installed on the side of the head.

I`d prefer grip ring with some edges, so flashlight will not roll. There is a double-sided clip underneath. It can be removed with excessive effort.

The knurling is beautiful, unusual and tenacious

The grip is comfortable and, of course, with a combination of a clip and a stop ring, it is firm.

The button is electronic, small. However, fingers find it effortlessly, except that in winter gloves can be a problem due to the fact that it is flush with the body – a bulging one would undoubtedly be more comfortable. I tested it (froze and then put in warm water) – 4-5 bubbles came out. Although you need to pick completely different lights for underwater works.

As in the 18 and 19 models, the same indicator LED is located on the side of the button.

Green – charge more than 30%
Red – charge 30% – 10%
Red blinking – charge less than 10%

It would seem that with such a maximum brightness, it would be wiser to make the L35 the same size as the L19, and not like the smaller L18. But, as you will see later, even with such a small ribbing, the flashlight perfectly sustains 1500 lumens High mode, and flashlight would require a dramatically larger increase in size to increase the operation in turbo mode. So the current size is quite normal.

The head in front of the bezel is covered with the same decorative knurled ring as the L18. And in terms of bezel sizes, these two models are completely identical. 8 teeth have quite a tactical size, if desired, they can “comb” your opponent well.

The bezel is not glued, if you wish, you can unscrew it and get access to the unusual TIR lens and XHP70.2 LED that it covers. There is less bright and longer-range Lattice Power P70 version. A quick search did not give any information at all about this LED. Well, glad it is not Lattice Bright )

The lens is covered with coated glass. Despite some similarities between the optics in the L19 and L35, they are different.

As usual, everything is fine. Both the design and the workmanship (although the button was slightly bubbling). I would only have made a polygonal stop ring, and a convex button.


It remained unchanged. Convenient, flexible control, to which from my personal wishes I would add perhaps a separate ramp mode.

Let me remind you that thanks to the additional tube, the side and tail buttons work independently! You do not need to launch the flashlight with the tail button to switch modes later. Moreover, the tail button gives access only to the turbo and brightness switching will not be available here. Good for those who plan to use the Acebeam L19 as a tactical or gun-mounted (there is a separate remote button) flashlight.

Side button:

From OFF

Hold: 3 seconds – moonlight. 5 seconds – electronic blocking.

One click: switches to last memorized mode
2x clicks: Turbo
3x clicks: strobe


Press and hold: toggle brightness levels from last saved mode Low-> High.
1 click: off
2 clicks: Turbo
3 clicks: strobe


The flashlight pleasantly surprised me with its ability to fully stabilize the 1500 lumens High mode without any need for cooling. This is actually a decent indicator, because such a brightness completely closes a distance of a hundred meters with a good illumination width.

Turbo, of course, is short-lived. But even 70-75 seconds with a head of this size is a decent, far from turbo rush time, which will give you the opportunity to look around in detail. It is worth, of course, not to forget about the colossal power consumption in this mode. If you like to play with maximum brightness, then it is worth taking a spare battery in advance.

Unlike all other purely long-range representatives of the L-line (17,18,19) that I have, Acebeam L35 can be somehow long-range only with a Lattice Power LED. My XHP70.2 version only knocks out 57kilocandelas, so stated throw is modest – 480m. Stated, not real. The flashlight does not pierce into the distance – it can give a good working light at a distance of up to 300m. But only in turbo … All the other L-line models will give light visible at a distance of 200m at some especially low and long-lasting brightness levels.

But the Acebeam L35 surpasses them by a head at work at close-medium distances. XHP70.2 version has an excellent temperature of 5000K (Lattice Power with its 6500K is frankly dull here and I don’t see any point in this version at all). It has some greenish part in light disctibution. But it will scratch only gourmets eye. I am sure that, unlike other major brands, there are many more advanced users among the audience of Acebeam. But, I believe that even so, the greenery of the light periphery will repell only a small part of perfectionists. For the vast majority of users, this greenish tint will not play any role. After all, in general, the light here is good. This TIR optics works wonders by making hotspot a quite wide and bright with some throw abilities.

Yes, it’s worth noting that I hardly believe that there really is 5000 lumens here. With this head size, this is perhaps only for the best. The maximum brightness here is already impressive, and its increase would only hit the runtime .

Well, now how it all looks live.

Well, some tests of throw. It can be expected only at two higher levels.

In general, High mode allows you to confidently work within a hundred meters range and with relative comfort within a couple of hundred meters. Not that much, but let me remind you that the brightness here will hold up without falling! Turbo within this range will illuminate everything at once.



350m. It can be seen that only turbo mode can be of at least some use at this distance. I am sure that this is the functional range limit for that model.

there is much more alive shots of video in my Acebeam L35 video review.


I really like Acebeam L35. Really. The rest of flashlights in L-line are interesting for their excellent range. Characteristic specific and not necessary for all. I do not need it, and in 100% of cases my needs for light are within a distance of a couple of hundred meters. And the flashlight closes this distance with a bang, and even with some margin.

The flashlight has excellent UI with shortcuts to moonlight-turbo. The tail button is reserved for instant access to turbo mode, which will be interesting for hunting or some kind of tactical use. Actually, with regard to the use as an gun-mounted flashlight – there is a remote button. L35’s wide mid-range light makes it significantly more convenient for the same smoothbore guns than the focused light of purely long-range models. You press the tail button and everything is illuminated within 200m of meters at once without the need to move the beam. And the color temperature will be a great addition to the impressive brightness.

So it turns out that, unlike other modern models in this line, I see the L35 as the most versatile. This is a justified choice for those who do not need kilometer beam. It can be used freely for near range work, like some ordinary EDC flashlight. But, u buy such a bright flashlight, of course, not for this – and Acebeam L35 fully reveal it`s power at a distance somewhere from 50 to 150m. Here the lantern knocks both in breadth and sideways. And, let me remind you, flashlight will penetrate up to 300m, then it works confidently at the initial distance for modern long-range model.

At the same time, like the L18, the price tag of this model is not at all astronomical for a new model from a major brand. It is not small, of course, and will scare away many (here you can sacrifice brightness and color temperature, taking Sofirn SP35 (review) for a modest 1\3 of L35 price). But it is quite expected price and I do not think that it is overpriced at all in relation to competitors. And there are few chances you can find them. there are almost no tactical flashlights that are so bright. Klarus tried, but screwed up with their weakest feature – superagressive thermal regulation.

In general, I think the Acebeam L35 is an extremely successful model (like L18), which I am ready to recommend in every possible way for those who need an exceptionally bright universal flashlight for both everyday and tactical needs. Without a doubt, this is one of the best flashlights that have fallen into my hands over the past year. Once again I applaud Acebeam. Keep on, guys, keep on.

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Great review, thanks.

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Incredible review.

What is the best place to buy Acebeam with discounts?

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well, local dealer may give decent price. 

but i`d also check Nitetorch. their prices+code give good result


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I have it, but I sold.
5000 lumens are too much. L35 can not hold them, especialy when battery is not full chage.
If turbo was 35000 – 3700 lumens, it would be fine.
But stupid customers buying lumens.

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Great review. Hey Lumeniac, can Turbo be memorized so I can can get 1 click Turbo from off using the side switch.
There seems to be a wave of lights coming out now that can only activate Turbo with a double click.

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As far as i remember (i`m not in home now) istant access is only via tailbutton


side button only by 2 clicks


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Another “NO” light for me. That ugly tintshift make me puke.

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Does anybody know if the L35 would work with a GT FC40 LED?
What voltage is the XHP70 running at?