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UK flashlight parts supplier

Hi guys,
It’s been a fair while since I’ve posted on here!
Went to place an order with mountain electronics the other day to find the UK is no longer being shipped to. After a message to them they came back with (and I’m paraphrasing here) that basically because of the new post Brexit tax regs for imports to the UK the cost/hastle Vs revenue meant it wasn’t worth it. It’s a shame but I don’t hold it agains them.

So, now onto the question.
With MTN no longer shipping to the UK where is a good place to buy flashlight supplies, mainly high quality drivers? Given I only tend to build around 3 lights a year, investing in the equipment to build/solder and program my own drivers isn’t feasible, that and the fact I don’t know where to get parts outside of MTN.

Any advise greatly appreciated as I’m currently building a Convoy Z1 and am stumped as to where I can get a decent driver!

Thanks all


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Farnell UK should have all or most the parts required to build your own drivers, if you want assembled drivers either look at the overseas shops and make sure everyone understands the new tax regs before ordering/shipping.

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I think Simon at Convoy can still ship to the UK but i’ve just realised i don’t know for sure. He offers some good drivers.
Kaidomain have their own offerings, check for info on here for any driver that gets your attention.

The only other places i know to order from are Fasttech and Banggood though i can’t guarantee ordering from Banggood will be trouble-free, i’ve had little trouble but there are quite a few on here that have reported issues.