Parts for MTE C3 ? Saving a old light.

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Parts for MTE C3 ? Saving a old light.

A friend gave me a broken MTE C3 907 (Q4 I think).

Its not worth much, used and all but I'd like to repair it.




Driver busted, I'm 90% sure since LED works but does not light up when driver is connected.


Tailcap spring was loose. Took retaining ring out with Terrible force, lost threads, it was glued...

Discovered, that minus contact ring is not even soldered to PCB, only kept in place by ring.

Great quality for a 45$ light...


Ultrafire C3 SS clicky is a close one, but it is in a "pill" and is under 1 millimeter too small. MTE retaining spring measures 13mm on diameter. Should I just glue it down and solder the spring? Suggestions for 1 x AA (1,5V) driver?

Will post pics later if needed, thanks!

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