Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Acebeam L19 (Osram KP CSLPM1.F1 with good color temperature, 21700)

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Runtime \ Beamshots \ Review Acebeam L19 (Osram KP CSLPM1.F1 with good color temperature, 21700)

I consider Acebeam L18 one of the very best long range flashlights that you may buy in 2021. Acebeam decided to boost it`s already impressive characteristics and released L19 with its amazing stated 1300m throw, unbelievable figure for such a compact model. In general, I do not remember any 1xbattery LED flashlight that could boast of the same characteristics. I’m not talking about the LEP model, of course.

you can buy Acebeam L35 at:


Light source – LED Osram KP CSLPM1.F1.
The service life of the LED is 50,000 hours (about 5 years of continuous operation).
Light output power – 1650 lumens.
The range of the luminous flux is 1300 meters.
Luminous flux – 422 407 Candel.
7 operating modes: 6 brightness modes and strobe signal mode.
Optics – acrylic high temperature Carclo TIR optics.
Switching modes is carried out by a button located on the lamp cover.
Reverse polarity protection.
Blocking against accidental activation.
The temperature sensor adjusts the brightness when the LED becomes too hot.
Remembers the last used mode.
Constant brightness in all modes (digital dimming without PWM flicker)
Powered by 1 × 21700 Li-ion or 1 x CR123A battery.
It is recommended to use high current batteries (discharge current 20A or more).
Driver working range, V: 3 – 12.
All circuit pins are gold plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability.
The spring-loaded battery compartment protects the internal electronics from damage when the flashlight is dropped or a weapon is fired.
Radiator fins at the head of the lantern ensu!re efficient heat dissipation.
Impact resistant (drops from a height of up to 1.2 meters).
The level of moisture protection is IP68 (submersion under water no more than 5 meters for 30 minutes). * The flashlight is not intended for underwater use
European Union RoHS Certification

Length, mm: 163.8
Head diameter, mm: 60
Case diameter, mm: 25.4
Weight without battery, gr: 196


Good package, as usually. Actually, “good, as usually” is a fitting characteristic when describing almost any characteristic of almost any Acebeam model.

The packaging design is unexpected, reminiscent of 1920`s posters with its broken red-black geometry.

The kit includes almost everything you need: flashlight itself, 5000mah battery with built-in charger, holster, lanyard, charging cable, O-rings and manual. Almost because there is no clip.

There is even a spare button!

The holster is … again… good as usually.

Acebeam L19 may be the longest among the other modern L-line models, but 16.5cm is quite an average length. And replacing the classic reflector with a TIR lens made it possible to reduce the size of the head, which, with such and such a range, should have been definitely large.

Flashlight appearance differs from all other brothers in the model line. The design is just good, but nothing more. I believe that the L18 and L35 have a more memorable appearance, largely due to the spiral knurling. Anyway, again, Acebeam L19 looks good.

Access the direct click button tailbutton is limited from three sides. I feel (there is another user opinion), it would definitely be more convenient if button was higher or didnt have these sides. More precisely, it is quite convenient to press button with the index finger, in contrast to the thumb. So it’s more of a grip issue.

Another opinion. Today i got feedback from guy who actively used L19 (besides lots of other lights, so he is experienced) for tactical need. Not hunting, but real tactical combat needs. So, he mentioned next:
1) access to tailbutton is good. no self-activation, which is improtant.
2) tailbutton move is too short for half-clicks with gloves. constant turbo turns on too often.

By the way, as flashlight body got even longer, i see no reason to exlude clip from the kit. Especially when clip position helps to locate side button. And I round grip ring is also not cool, as flashlight can roll down from any surface. Ring or head should have edges to prevent from rolling and falling.

There is a thick single spring inside the tail cap. You can see a contact petal there, it is used for an additional signal-conducting sleeve pressed into the body. Many thanks to Acebeam for it. There are user-unfriendly examples when brands force to use expensive proprietary battery, depriving the user of the opportunity to work with any regular ones.

In the case of Acebeam, the limitation comes down only to the fact that unprotected batteries are too short and dont contact with spring. This can be solved with magnets spacers a couple of drops of solder. Or just buy a protected battery -)

Acebeam did not save on the capacity of battery included in kit either, putting the most capacious one with a built-in Type-C charging connector.

Of course, there is also a spring at the head side.

The head, in fact, as I said, is of medium size. It may seem large only comparing to L18 and L17. Well, it is head of usual long-thrower, but it bigger than most of tactical lights have. So that may also limit potential of gun-mount use.

I think that Acebeam shoud keep the knurling on the head. There is zero functional benefit from it, but it would create better design, according to overall L-line appearance. And, in general it just looks better than the groove that is now.

However, design is a matter of personal choice. As we say in Russia, “some likes priest, some likes priest`s wife” )

There are more cooling fins than other L-line model has, that`s good.

The small metal round of the electronic button remains unchanged.

It would be not a challenge to find it blindly, in most of situation your finger will immediately feel the pad around the button. But work in winter with gloves on will definitely be more difficult. I would, nevertheless, vote here for the bulging button.

*again, this abovementioned guy wrote that it is almost impossible to locate this button with gloves on. so convex button will be more practical for tactical need.

the one that is now is acceptable for EDC\hunting. but not for tactical needs when you need rapid access to light.*

I forwarded his feedback to Acebeam. Hope they`ll consider it and add extra millimeters to tailbutton move and make side button covex. both these changes are not technical challenge at all.

There is a small charge indicator near the button.

Battery charge indication:

Green – charge more than 30%
Red – charge 30% – 10%
Red blinking – charge less than 10%

The bezel is very aggressive, with an abundance of teeth reminiscent of a cutter. Unlike L18 \ L35, it was not possible to twist it to look closer at the lens.

It’s nice that Acebeam picked an especial lense for each model. The optics in L19 is different from lenses in other flashlights. Take a look.



Acebeam L35


The general impressions are the same as before. The flashlight looks good, the kit includes everything you need (except for the clip), you should expect excellent workmanship. I`d only change design of grip-ring to prevent rolling. and convex side button will be better.

It remained unchanged. Convenient, flexible UI, to which I would add only a separate ramp mode.
but, of course, as it is, it is really good and gives user everything needed

The tail button can only start turbo. good for tactical needs. BTW, you can also buy spare remote button.

Side button:

From OFF

Hold: 3 seconds – moonlight. 5 seconds – electronic blocking.

One click: switches to last memorized mode
2x clicks: Turbo
3x clicks: strobe


Press and hold: toggle brightness levels from last saved mode Low-> High.
1 click: off
2 clicks: Turbo
3 clicks: strobe


Though the brightness in turbo mode begin to fall from the very start, the flashlight has a quite good overall runtime in this mode. And since the use of a long-range flashlight implies outdoor work, then 6 minutes are what you should count on. Here, of course, the time will change depending on whether you turned on the flashlight in the turbo again, turned it already warmed up from some mode, or it was a cold start. Be that as it may, the graph makes it clear what to expect from the flashlight.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the color temperature. It’s not 4000k neutral white so ideal for long range flashlight, but definitely warmer than Acebeam L18 has and visually is something around 5500K. Undoubtly a pleasant surprise. For newbies – when working at a distance, cold light will reflect all dust and moisture scattered in the air, unlike neutral and warm light. Acebeam L19 has an even longer range and highly specific green light version with frankly fantastic declared range.

L19, again, has a fantactic throw and gives light visible at a distance of 200m even in LOW mode !!! The difference in light distribution and color temperature between other modern long-range flashlights withing Acebeam L-line is immediately apparent. I did not include Acebeam L35 in this Acebeam L19 review review because it illuminates albeit great, but fundamentally different – in width, not in length.






and here is my favorite angle to add to the overview what a powerful long-range flashlight can do. Only a few give good visible light at this distance. Frankly speaking, there is little that the naked eye can discern.

So, as you can see, you can get some kind of light even from Mid1! Well, you can work with Mid2 more or less tolerably.


Well, 1.3 km! it is precisely this distance that is declared as the maximum for the flashlight. Judging by the fact that the L18 can handle it with its 1km stated throw, Acebeam L19 should cover one and a half kilometer.

and check Acebeam L19 video review

OVERALL IMPRESSION Once again, Acebeam gives an exceptionally good answer to the question “What powerful long-range flashlight to choose?”

By and large, now Acebeam L line covers all needs: L17 will be good within 300m, L18 within half a kilometer, and L19 at least up to 750m. This does not mean that L17 is worse than L19. it means that at a shorter distance its light distribution will be more convenient relative to the more focused L19.

In general, Acebeam L18 is the golden mean here. This is an extremely balanced long-range flashlight in terms of price-functionality ratio. Unlike L17, it already has a side button and a more capacious 21700 power battery. Its head is definitely smaller than that of the L19, which will be appreciated by those looking for a good long-range flashlight to use gun-mounted. And it will be more convenient in your pocket. And the range of the L18 is enough in almost all situations.

So,what is so attractive about L19 then? Firstly, it has a greater range, which will allow it to work confidently at distances up to a kilometer without getting into a turbo. And at shorter distances, you can work in extremely long low modes. The same Mid1 with its 10 hours freely closes the 250m distance. Once again – 10 hours at a distance of 250m!

The second advantage is the color temperature, which is definitely (at least , the flashlight that I got for review has it) much better than that of the L17 \ L18.

In short. If you need the most long-range tactical (ok, with the tactical component, judging by the subscriber’s feedback, not everything is as rosy as about range and UI) flashlight, something frankly uncompromising – then the Acebeam L19 is your choice. It has colossal range in a relatively compact size, convenient (at least for EDC\hunting needs) UI, maximum battery capacity and excellent appearance. Unfortunately, it is significantly more expensive than the L18. However, even so, now I dont any other some competitors among the 1* battery long-range flashlights that came to my review.
Price is high, but top models from major brands cost + – the same. If you are ready for such a figure, then the flashlight will definitely come in for you. If you are not talking about maximum range, and you just want to buy a good long-range flashlight with a modern LED, your choice is the much more affordable L18.

Acebeam once again showed that they put at the forefront not some marketing figures or the desire to earn on extremely expensive propriatary batteries, but the logic and convenience of real use. And as long as they have these two components in almost every flashlight, the manufacturer, I am sure, will not lack customers. Once again, I am delighted with what and how Acebeam were able to do it. I think that it`ll take really long them to jump over this range threshold for an LED flashlight of this size (I’m not talking about LEP models). That`s a real challenge to top throw of L19.

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Nice light, nice review.