any CRI test of the Maglite warm LED?

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any CRI test of the Maglite warm LED?

can anyone share an actual CRI test of the warm white LED in a maglite solitaire?

Please dont guess, Im not looking for opinions, Im seeking an actual CRI test..

Maglite ad copy claims:
This Spectrum Series LED Solitaire, features a warm white beam. Warm white light is the ideal light source for working in tight spaces. – Preferred light for electronic technicians because warm white LEDs allow for the full color spectrum to be see in detail on wires/cables. Cool white Light LEDs make browns, blacks and reds look the same, warm White LEDs do not mask color. – For situations in which a flashlight is going to be used for an extended period of time, warm white LEDs avoid eye strain because it is a natural light similar to the sun’s ray unlike regular white LEDs.