supposed "coupon codes"

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supposed "coupon codes"

Why have I almost never yet to click on a “sale item” with a coupon code, only to never find a link to actually use a code, yet also on the very very few times it let me enter a code, not a single code was ever valid? really seems to be click-bait bullshit to me.

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You are going to have to spend more time on this site to get coupon codes. They are there, you just have to look close.

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This forum is definitely a vast resource for discount codes. Many are indeed expired but check the link post date and read the posts to help determine that.

Group buys, mfg flash sales & website specific deal links/codes are abundant.

On top of that, there are many mfgs willing to offer discount codes if you message or email them directly and advise you’re a BLF member

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If you use with good filters set to BLF, you may find decent codes. Some are expired though.

But we all had really difficult, time-consuming experiences at many shop. Nothing is easy or efficient. I think the shops have such complex SKU management systems and multi-tier loyalty and rebate models, it is difficult to keep track of this.

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Codes usually expire after anywhere from hours to days, so if you click on a thread where it’s more’n a few days old, forget it. You might get lucky, but likely not. You gotta follow those threads (Fin17, Wydra, etc.) and keep checking every day at least.

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If you’re talking about email spam, I completely agree, banggood seems to be the biggest offender.

I find most of the codes the regulars post are of no interest, Ive been (very casually) looking for a Manker E03H for a number of months, no luck with coupons…

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How bouts the messaging about the constant coupons and codes from Alliexpress after an order. Seems I spend a fair amount of time deleting them. Big Smile It’s kinda like spam too! Evil



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Aliexpress cash coupons (red) are the best ones; especially April was a good month if a member hadn’t logged in for a while. they gave me 5.00$ off on a 5.01$ order.
Their category coupons or discounts never make sense to me, mostly in fashion or beauty.

Banggood is clearly the spam king, up to three emails per day in my inbox.

Gearbest deleted all my loyalty points due to inactivity on my end, if you look at most prices and shipping fees it is clear why. They barely email, which is good. And if they actually do send over a message it is somewhat relevant, although not interesting enough to click.

Fasttech is only relevant because of the thread they have on here. They have unique goods and fair prices, and the BLF advertised coupon is useful.

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I get 0 emails from Banggood . Must be something to do with your settings.

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essentially, you have been too late.
codes are not forever and ever.