Neewer CN-160

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Neewer CN-160

In 2014 I got a video light with 160 5mm LEDs running on 6 AA batteries, the Neewer CN-160. I have used it in fotography with nice results but only now had a closer look at the LEDs. An inexpensive device estimates CCT at slightly above 5000K (Neewer states 5400K) and Ra >90 (no specs from the manufacturer). But most important, these LEDs are below BBL. They’re rosy Love .

Does anyone know who’s the manufacturer of these LEDs? The video light is still sold (approx. 25 EUR in Germany), so maybe there’s a chance to buy a few.

This light was never mentioned on BLF except for a WTS in 2013.

Edit: Another OEM is Lightdow LD-160 (thanks rngwn!)

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