Lishen LR2170LA 21700 "4000mah, 35amp"

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GhostJoe wrote:

For flashlights the initial voltage sage is very important to push out the highest lumen, average voltage means nothing on this. I personally chose 30T for that purpose and I think I got them $3.99 each when 18650 ran a promotion.

For flashlights the initial voltage sage sag is very important to push out the highest lumen?

For flashlights? What flashlights?

Obviously that's an incorrect generalization. I think you meant to say “for my particular flashlight usage and that of freaks like me the initial voltage sag is very important to push out the highest lumens”, doesn't it?

In contrast I usually build fully regulated flashlights, frequently with boost converters and nearly always coupled with high CRI emitters. With a boost converter, the emitter always receives the full drive current of the selected mode, no matter if the battery cell is full or in a relatively low state of charge. My batteries are rarely charged above 3.95V, as I want them to live looong. And I don't care if the leds I buy are low bin because of their high colour rendering or high CRI. Of course I do not need to impress anyone with the figures from a measuring instrument when fed with a low CRI or low colour accuracy flashlight, for this you could buy a green emitter and this way you could always win the “lemons” race, did you know? See an example here. Wink

Most of the emitters used in flashlights are low CRI, and this in my honest opinion is wrong. The fact that we cannot perceive all frequencies of visible light with the same sensitivity is no good reason to reduce the radiant flux or power employed at the frequencies we are less sensitive to. When doing so, the spectral power distribution gets distorted with the only aim to jack up the figures coming out of an instrument. Our eyes and minds tell us a different story, though, colour saturation matters and we also don't perceive light intensity linearly, far from it.

Just remembered I have a Convoy M1 with an Osram CSLNM1.TG (White Flat 1mm2). Remember it did nearly 100Kcd, but barely used LoL.

So my flashlight builds are namely meant to please my eyes and see things accurately, and on top of this some of them are really high power.

But well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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You are right… Unfortunately a large portion of my torches have unregulated drivers. And nobody really needs the maximum lumen on flashlights. But in many cases, many of us simply can’t help testing them for fun even though it won’t last a minute or two, do you? You always take a freshly charged cell and voltage sag matters in this scenario. Do I really need 35A CDR for torches? Not really but anyway. Smile And I still hope 50S will be widely available soon. I also need to figure out a way to stop autocorrection on my phone…