Free spectrum & PAR test

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Free spectrum & PAR test

Hello, citizens of the flat Earth!

Since recently, I have had UPRtek PG200N PAR spectrometer. finally.. since 2014.. I have only spectrometer, I have no sphere (for lumen test)

If someone need to know spectrum and PAR parameters, you can send it to me, and I will give spectrum test results like this:

and .xls files for uSpectrumPG200N program (for PC)

You just need to send it to me to Belarus

If it is something expensive, I can send it back or to another address, but it will cost money, here is rates to shipping from Belarus — under 2kg , 2+ kg

It is f##ing expensive device with official price Excl. VAT: €2,789.00 Shocked here

But I can sell it or another model some cheaper (as a dealer) here

BelMORDOR’s Ламповщик|Lampman

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