THRUNITE Deutschland Official Store Giveaway

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THRUNITE Deutschland Official Store Giveaway

Hello everyone, thank you for supporting ThruNite flashlight!

Now, we are doing giveaway for our social media.

Register ThruNite website account and subscribe to our social media channels and join our Facebook group to get a free ThruNite Ti3. We will send you a gift immediately!

Learn more here:

Thank you
ThruNite team

THRUNITE's high quality LED flashlights are not just bright - they’re tough as nails and designed to be practical for a wide variety of users. Learn more about their variety of product lines and find the perfect gear for your needs right here at the THRUNITE Stores.

THRUNITE Official Site:

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Thank you for the opportunity of a giveaway.
But many on BLF see everything with facebook as a shoot in the foot.
It is not very popular around here.

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Very nice Thrunite is planning something for buyers and fans outside the USA.
Too bad it has to something with the so called Social Media.

You are a flashaholic if you are forced to come out of the closet, to make room for more flashlights.

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Please follow BLF’s giveaway rules, see here:


Commercial Vendors Organizing Giveaways

  • Giveaways must be completely free.
  • Giveaways must not require purchasing or owning a product to enter.
  • Please do not require users to post URL links in order to participate.
  • Please do not post giveaways that require signing up outside of BLF, for example on Facebook or Instagram.
  • As always, please don't use tricks to dominate the Recent Posts list, and don't do anything else that could annoy other users.
  • Follow through(link is external) and send the prize(s) that you promised to the winner(s).Failing to do so will lead to very negative publicity for your company. It's better to not even start a giveaway if you don't plan on fulfilling it.
  • You are allowed to require that a user have a minimum number of posts or a minimum amount of time as a BLF member in order to enter.


Please note that Facebook has not the best reputation on this forum. Personally, I avoid subscribing to any social media channels, commercializing my private/personal data.

I would appreciate a giveaway with no strings attached, no social media pest, no subscriptions, no external user accounts.

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I know that many users on here don’t have the best opinion of Facebook.
However, I met my girlfriend on there who then became my wife. So I am all good with the giveaway, personally.

Guess I am the odd guy out.

But yeah, check the BLF rules as well.