Olight M2X UT (XM-L2 U2 Dedomed) | A Look Back

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Olight M2X UT (XM-L2 U2 Dedomed) | A Look Back
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still a good thrower.

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Gay? Even your verbage is a blast from the plast, haha. That’s very middle-high school.

My introduction into megathrowers (at the time) was a dedomed xp-l in a Manker U21, modded by Vinh. The size was nifty, and the host was heavy enough to heatsink the highest output from the emitter for at least 10 minutes. ~1300 lumens and 250kcd, and no gimmicky turbo dropoff or super thin hotspot. It truly was a useful and impressive light for its time.

The major downside about dedoming those cree emitters however was they became very green, which wasn’t the most pleasant of viewing experiences.

These days, SBT90.2 throwers are super impressive, but I’ve never preferred them as they only hold their highest output for 30 seconds to a minute, and when they step down, they lose their punch.

I do enjoy Osram lights overall. The hotspot is tight, tint is great, and they don’t get hot nearly as fast as SBT90.2s. The 2mm variants produce a more useable hotspot than the 1mm ones. One of my favorite throwers today is a Maxtoch X Pro with a CULPM in it, but driven moderately, only to 900 lumens or so. It can sustain that output without any thought about heat buildup, and has around 500-600kcd, plus the most perfect beam ever. Vinh was able to focus the emitter to the point where the flower petals are very crisp and defined in the corona of the beam.

Still though, after years of advanacement in flashlights, my all time favorite and most used light is still my old Zebralight SC600 MK3 HI, with an 80cri XHP35 HI. It’s actually pocketable, and with good spill and output for its size.

I’m very excited to see where the upcoming XHP50.3 HI from Cree will take us for throwers. Larger, useful hotspots, warmer tints and higher CRI, and sustainable output are what I’m looking forward to most.