Yet another SST-20 tint question

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Yet another SST-20 tint question

I just received a D4V2 Ti from Hank with 5000K SST-20 emitters. From right above the first ‘flicker’ in the ramp, the light is very nice; I perceive it as a pure, truly neutral white color similar to a 5000K 219c, but just a tiny bit cooler. Below that brightness, at realistic EDC levels for me, even without another flashlight to compare it to, the tint is noticeably green, to the point where it’s the only “real” flashlight I have with a tint that bothers me. It makes the 4500K XHP-50.2 in my Zebralight look positively rosy by comparison, even with that Cree tint shift.

I’ve read on here that this is pretty common with 2700K SST-20s, but in your experience, is it also common in the 5000K emitters? If so, could y’all recommend some minus green filters that’ll fit a D4V2? If anyone has a configuration with these emitters and a filter, I’d be interested to see some before-and-after beamshots.

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That I’m aware of, there are two popular options for filtering out green. Lee minus-green filters, and spray paint that’s minus green.

Member thefreeman tests Lee filters here:

Member joshk sells paint here:

To my knowledge the paint has not undergone longevity testing.

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The 5000k and up SST-20s are the worst… I’d have to take the board out and put it in a pan to reflow some FA3 4000ks onto it or something.

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Pretty sure Boaz also sold Lee filters, no?

Haven’t seen him in a while, though. Uh-oh. Maybe he dead.

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