IKEA kills off LADDA NiMH made in Japan

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My white Laddas are still going strong. Best value for money NiMHs I’ve used.

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Zebretta wrote:
Truth Be Told…..

The white LADDA batteries were not that good long term.

I have empirical data from tests which proves that LADDA (At least the NiMh AAA did not do so well long term.

They tend to lose their capacity more so than comparable NiMh rechargables over time. Consistently.

It’s not a great difference, I would say they lose 20% more of their capacity than some comparable NiMh AAA’s.

Most likely due to their chemical composition. I have a plethora of LADDA’s and I compare them with a number of other brands through a rather
exhausting set of tests.

That said, the batteries they are being compared to are “COMPARABLE”….meaning, they are from the same circa dates as the Ladda.
I cannot speak for later batteries from LADDA (Ikea) or from competitive brands.

Bottom line…..it’s not a great loss…and there are BETTER substitutes in the same price range. Some of which would surprise most people I suspect.

What’s your recommendation for NiMh AAs and AAAs? I need to get some more, but don’t need eneloop quality (and price).

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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I have 3 of those IQ338XLs along with my MC3000’s and various other chargers / discharge testers.

If you want 4 different results from any of those batteries, just repeat the test in a different slot.
BTW, 127milliohms is as high as the IQ338XL will read, regardless of the batteries actual IR

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I can’t.
Since 2017 I’ve bought hundreds and hundreds of batteries and haven’t needed to buy new NiMh batteries lately. In more than a year actually.
I’m just using up the old stock until the capacities are too low to continue using them.

The batteries that were “best” last year may not be this year. Factories change. Materials change, manufacturing processes change etc etc.
I can only speak for the batteries I’ve had and used / tested over the last 4 years.