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Tank007 Brand

Charles just did a review on one of these lights. I have never heard of this brand. It kind of resembles Klarus. Anyone familiar with them?

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It is a brand with some history in flashlight manufacturing, but is less present in “mainstream” market for some years now.
They make robust lights, but old emitters and drivers/UIs.

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Tank007 made lots of AAA lights. The E09 model was more or less the Convoy S2 of the AAA universe.
A lot of these smaller companies were founded by real flashlight enthousiasts. But in the end most of them only manufactured lights proposed by the owner, and not so much by the market. They started making a few quality models everybody wanted and ended making lights that nobody bought (Sunwayman, Lumapower, Shining Beam, Sipik, DQG (?)).

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