Convoy Z1 SST40, CSLPM1, CULPM1 Review. Is the 8A driver worth it?

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Convoy Z1 SST40, CSLPM1, CULPM1 Review. Is the 8A driver worth it?

Texas Ace Lumen Tube calibrated with maukka lights

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Good stuff Thumbs Up

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What are the actual tailcap amps for the 6A driver? For example, the 5A drivers only pull 4.3A.

I’d recommend that these 2mm² Osrams be ran at 6.5A on Turbo. Definitely cresting 7A is just a waste. Also, I’ve seen zero real world improvement in thermal performance from the CULPM1 over the CSLPM1.

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Interesting video comparison. If the 8A driver will really reduce run times & add heat for only a 100lm increase over the 6A driver to me it doesn’t make sense to employ it on this light. A bit more data would highlight exactly what’s going on.


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Great review. I just can’t get past that nasty square beam profile of zoomies. Interested in your TC amp measurements as well.