[Review] ANENG V05B Digital Multimeter /w bluetooth & data logging

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[Review] ANENG V05B Digital Multimeter /w bluetooth & data logging

ANENG V05B Digital 6000 Counts Multimeter True RMS with Bluetooth and data logging function

Hi, I came across a new digital multimeter model on Aliexpress and thought I’d provide a brief review on here. ANENG has NOT provided the device for review, I bought this with my own money and all views are my own.
First of all, this is not going to be a HKJ style professional review, I have a lot of respect for the high quality reviews our members create and I am not able to create such content, yet! My technical equipment wouldn’t allow me to measure the details, but at least I can give you some experiences from using it within the last 48 hours – this multimeter seems great for our various hobbies.

Observations/features about this device:
- affordable (I paid only 13$ after coupons including tracked shipping via DHL however YMMV)
- decent quality craftsmanship, device is rubberized around the edges – won’t scratch easily
- comes with bluetooth functionality
- the free app is perfectly usable and has multiple ways of viewing the measurement
- it has data logging which provides a in-app chart & CSV file
- small/compact design and lightweight

This battery powered, auto-ranging multimeter should be ideal for a variety of hobbies like electronics, flashlight, driver development, raspberry pi, arduino, PCB development, R/C, and more.

ON/BT – long press for on/off of the multimeter, short press for enabling/disabling of bluetooth
SEL/NCV – short press for mode selection, keep button pressed for NCV measurement
H/ZERO/light – short press for Hold/zero, long press for display light and flashlight functionality
Please note that the display and flashlight remains illuminated until you switch it off
There is a RED LED which indicates NCV measurement and continuity. Continuity measurements also have a sound.

Multimeter functions, display flow

It even has a flashlight

These are the OEM listed technical specifications:

Display segments

View of the back side

Bluetooth disconnects when weaker AAA batteries are used, but the eneloops I have in them work great.

View of the built-in stand

View of NCV sensor

App flow

Charting feature within the app

(on tested Android devices a standard CVS file is stored locally that can be exported to Excel or Numbers)

I selected the minimal version at checkout which comes with probes and a temperature sensor
Probes are 12cm long and the cables are approximately 64cm long, the temperature sensor works as expected

Bluetooth connectivity, app, and data logging
- Device connects easily with a mobile phone that has the app installed
- App appears crude, but has all the functionality (especially compared to other DMM apps out there)
- Mobile app has multiple views you can select during measurement (double tap)
- Standard .cvs file will be stored with user-defined filename and can be exported
- Remote measurement to other devices if account is registered through app (feature not tested)
- You can finally chart charging/discharging curves, store measurements, and share across forums and social media

- App, bluetooth and data logging works at a very affordable price point.
- Data logging feature provides CSV file for each measurement (tested on Android phones), which can then be imported to Excel or Numbers.
- Compact, modern design of the multimeter.
- App even allows remote management if you sign up for an account (I have not tested this feature).
- Very fast shipping through DHL, only took 9 days to my place.

Other comments
- According to other forums, this multimeter uses mini fuses. These are smaller fuses and not the “normal” size. I haven’t opened the multimeter yet but I have seen mini fuses on ANENGs before.

- 2xAAA batteries mean you may run out of battery power.
- Bluetooth feature keeps disconnecting when weak AAA batteries are used, make sure to use eneloops or similar.
- Flashlight is not really useful, but I am sure our members have another light source.
- Logging is only for one measurement at a time, i.e. you can’t log temperature and voltage at the same time.
- Auto-ranging feature can be a bit slow. On one occasion it took several seconds when I checked the voltage on Li-Ion cells and AA cells.

I honestly love this multimeter for what it is. It may not have the feature set of more expensive devices, but if you want a compact digital multimeter that comes with bluetooth, app support, data logging and includes a nice design – this ANENG multimeter is a great choice.

Just in case I forgot to mention something, these are the marketing images from ANENG:

Clicks on pictures will lead you to the ANENG store product

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Stunning. Although it’s marked good to 600V but has a 250V fuse?


“it has data logging which provides a in-app chart & CSV file”.

Edit: Can you share the coupon you used? Looks like it’s at least a $20 bill here in the US no matter which way you go.

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I have not opened the device yet, but I wouldn’t use it for anything in that voltage area. Checked my power outlet and it works!
The test probes are rated up to 1000V and 10Amps, again, not saying anyone should use this device for that purpose.

I can search for the coupon I used, I believe it was a brand shopping week a few days ago and the price was indeed lower. The store should give you 1.00 dollar, the brands discount was 2.00$, and there were some form of select coupons. I also used a code which I need to find. Tracked shipping via DHL was free.

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Thanks for the good review. This seems like a really nice DMM for automotive use, when you measure certain modules but are sitting elsewhere. your cellphone could show the measurement inside the app.

Can’t believe how cheap this is despite Bluetooth and that app with logging. Will order one tonight.

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Excellent for automotive applications, yes. But also generally a good meter for all kinds of other uses due to the remote monitoring feature. Downloaded the app, it looks bad, but the pictures above show the real functions.
thanks for the pictures.

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Thanks for the details, ordered two of those.
I actually have no real multi-meter and this one fits the bill.