Strobe question - Wurkkos WK30

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Strobe question - Wurkkos WK30

Searched forum and online in usual places re: my question, no luck with answer.
Question is has anyone who uses a WK30 found a hidden function where I can ramp up and down the strobe speed (like in Anduril)? I have an application that needs this ability. I have a few Anduril lights that do this for me, but the red and UV WK30 emitters offer special functionality for me on the job and the only missing link is the strobe adjust-ability.
I’ve been monkeying with the WK30 for a while and haven’t found any hidden functions yet.

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I don’t currently own a WK30, but as far as I remember, I haven’t seen any reports regarding being able to alter the strobe’s frequency.

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i dont believe u can change it sadly.

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No such function. Haven’t seen any model do this apart from Anduril

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