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edit There is no subject matter anymore. Is it possible for me to block a member so I don’t see any of their posts? I always assumed I could but I don’t see it now. I must be thinking of another forum somewhere else.

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Well, this is an unusually interesting situation. Shocked

Is this a permanent “bom.voi.a.gee” or a temporary measure???

I guess time will tell….

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raccoon city wrote:
Cyclic redundancy check?

I once found it an interesting way to test whether data is random or not. I even wrote a spreadsheet program in Java that does something like a CRC, just adding up differencies between real numbered data for every shift. It worked surprisingly well when comparing data to a series of random number with similar characteristics (min, max).

Do you work with difference sets?

Smile, you cannot kill them all.

raccoon city
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Unheard wrote:

Do you work with difference sets?

No, I just own a bunch of hard drives, and have heard of cyclic redundancy check.