Littoral batteries

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Littoral batteries

Hi BLF people. I’m looking at a couple different Convoy m21c lights. They come with Littokala 21700 batteries. Are Littokala batteries a good battery. And does anyone know anything about Convoy m21c flashlights, please advise, thanks Jim


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There’s a review on here for the Liitokala 21700 4000mah battery. It shows the battery being good to 15A output without getting too hot and the M21c draws about half that according to reviews.

I have the M26C and had the M21C and now have the M21C-U which has a side eswitch that I very much recommend over the clicky tailswitch. There is a ring outside the beam from the reflective bezel especially noticeable on high that bothers some people but there are remedies. Also the U model has a 4 mode/ramping UI. I don’t know if Simon corrected it but the ramping is linear so it seems slightly slow on higher outputs.

They are all very good lights, you can’t go wrong.

BTW where did “littoral” batteries come from? In my youth I worked on battery powered Aids To Navigation in the gulf of Mexico. I guess those were littoral batteries.

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Jimo wrote:
Are Littokala batteries a good battery.

Shore thing.

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