What’s your favorite Air Gun ??

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raccoon city wrote:

raccoon city wrote:

I shot my sister in the eye.

I have some good news.

I thought I shot my sister in the eye, but she says I shot her in her posterior.

She should know—she was the one that got shot.  ;)

Thank God you were a lousy aim! Eyeballs are very fragile, less fixable, and much more important than gluteals. She might have gone the rest of her life doing the Wink Wink Wink .

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raccoon city
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Rexlion wrote:

Thank God you were a lousy aim!

Actually, I am a great shot, so because I shot her in her rear end, that's where I was aiming.

I'm very glad that it turns out I didn't aim for her face.

That would have been messed up.

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jeff51 wrote:
MtnDon wrote:
jeff51 wrote:
Feinwerkbau 300. An anniversary present from my wife about 30 years ago.

Nice. The airgun equivalent of my equally vintage Anschutz 1813, 22LR

I have an Annie 2013 in a bench rest stock with a Lilja tube. Lots of fun.
It even likes some of the cheaper Eley – Well most of the time. It’s so frelling windy here, it’s hard to test.
One of these years I’m going to take it to Winters TX and find the magic lot.
All the Best,

I like to shop at Killough’s for lesser grades of Eley. The best 22 I have is a CZ 452, so not really worth the lot testing he does. Your Annie could probably benefit though. I am not far North of Abilene, so Winters is a relatively short drive. The shop is kind of neat place in the country there.

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I can’t believe those Daisy Model 25s are still being made! I had one in the late 1950’s, and it was amazingly accurate. Hard to cock for a ten year old, I recall having to stick the butt in my groin and pull with both hands, but an all around great BB gun!