Do you purchase multiples of the same light?

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Jack Kellar
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jon_slider wrote:
Jack Kellar wrote:
They’re different enough that there’s no redundancy.

yup, even just a different color LED switch, can justify another, “non redundant” duplicate.. LOL

you know were hooked, when we start making LED differences a justification for buying another light.. Im quite good at that myself.

Hey, I resent that statement! The beams are totally different! Big Smile

… yep, we got fished out by our wallets, hook line and sinker Silly

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In general terms, yes on all counts. My girlfriend often teases me about this.

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CRC wrote:
Artiet59 wrote:

Kwispelhond wrote:
zoulas wrote:
Come on, who on BLF only bought one D4v2? Come forward.
I even didn’t buy one! Ok, I’m the new guy so give me some time…. Facepalm , I’d amaze myself if I’d buy 2 thou. In fact: I actually think I’d even make a choice between the FW3A and the D4v2 and buy only one because of about the same type of light with the same use. Now if you’d find me that $20,- sale, it would make the choice a lot easier. Big Smile

it’s funny, I once thought the same thing. I scoffed at people on Reddit (I still do sometimes, they make it easy lol) for buying so many D4’s. I bought the kr4 the day it was released and carried it everyday since. 

well, about 6 months ago I bought a brass d4, and it was nice. I liked the lighted switch. Then, since I already had 3 kr4’s (backups and such, and titanium) I figured it’d be nice to buy the titanium D4, and it’s really nice, I like it more than my beloved titanium kr4 actually. 

then, well, I saw that Hank would put that beautiful lighted switch into an aluminum d4 for no extra cost, so then I had to order a cyan d4 with cyan Color and a dark gray d4 with amber switch color. 

I guess what I’m saying is, I was adamant against Not buying a D4, figured I had no need for it. But once you own one, and the quality / price sits with you while you use it, it just happens. They are too easy to buy, and to fun to use and collect for the low price. 

It may just happen to you too, so be careful lol. 

Im very interested in the D4’s and KR4’s.
With all the different options, theres no way I’ll be satisfied with just one lol

I have a few of each as well. The D4 is nice, but the KR4 is much nicer.

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The only pair I have so far are Sofirn SP40s, one in Green, the other in Sand colour. Indeed affordability is the key to buying more than one of the same model. Each of these nice headlamps costs only S$30 or US$23. And each comes with a nice headband and a 18350 short tube.