Lighten7 new product release - Elite M1A and Elite M1B

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Lighten7 new product release - Elite M1A and Elite M1B

Lighten7 Elite M1A and Elite M1B deliver new flashlight imagination

Jan 20th, 2012, Lighten7  Australia based manufacturer of professional illumination devices, is pleased to announce new 18650 flashlight products – Elite M1A and Elite M1B.

The new Lighten7 Elite M1A and Elite M1B generate over 800 lumens of light, over 10 times brighter than standard 2AA flashlight. Both Elite M1A and M1B features an intelligent current management system, at defined high output level, the driver circuit is programmed to control the current setting. This significantly improves the temperature control to protect the LED and circuit and extend the runtime.

The Elite M1A delivers an innovative variable output control, users choose their desired output level from 100% (800lum) to 5% (50lm) by the rotary tail knob.

The Elite M1B features a magnetic control switch for 4 outputs level with strobe and SOS effects. The on/off switch is separated at the tailcap to allow output pre-selection and momentary-on.

The flashlight body is milled from high-strength 6N01 aerospace aluminum alloy, and covered with Mil-Spec hard-anodized matt black finish. This presents a highly durable anti-scratch surface, with substantial wear & corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal insulation. The extra medium size gives a better hand grip experience.  Both Elite M1A and M1B adopt a deep-dish and wide angle micro-textured reflector. The light beam is well balanced between close wide spreading and far reach.

The Elite M1A and Elite M1B have an MSRP at US$105 and US$95. Kit set is also available with bundled an original Panasonic 18650 3100mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery and respective charger.


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