Fun Projects With Li-ion Cells

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Fun Projects With Li-ion Cells

I’ve recently been playing around with Inverters and Solar Panels —— This had led me down a whole other rabbit hole —- Then as one thing leads to another I fixed my neighbors kids Razor Scooter —I then started watching videos of people modifying them (another hole) — I just had to buy one used ($100 ) and see what I could do —- I changed the controller and built a 7S3P pack out of Tesla 21700 cells — I look like a complete idiot on this thing (it has a seat ) but man it’s kind of fun — I got it going 19mph and want to go with 36v / 500 watt motor — that will yield around 26-29 mph — the thing is 19 is fast on 10” tires

I even built a 4S6P battery pack out of 20Rs for the grandson’s jeep — in the grass it leaves so hard the front wheels raise

Here’s some videos of cool things people do with Li-ion cells —- the guy Jehu does some serious stuff