Wanna Ask Some Questions About EBL Batteries

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Wanna Ask Some Questions About EBL Batteries

These days I want to buy some batteries. Cool And Some friends told me EBL batteries is very useful and recycling. Wink And I want to know your opinions about EBL batteries. Silly
And of course you can recommend other batteries you like. Thumbs Up

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long story short: NiMH (price to performace) king is standard eneloop.
pro: highest voltage under load, low self discharge, most charge cycles before you can’t use them anymore
con: capacity is less than others, price is bigger (but worth it), charger needs to be intelligent (dV/dt) for them to last
if you use the batteries a lot and want reliable performance, get these.
there are rewraps, such as Fujitsu NiMH and IKEA LADDA.

EBL have a big dispartiy between claimed performance and actual performace (= lies).
Marketing makes them look cool and “eneloop but cheaper” but they don’t last.

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EBL: Short term > cheaper, they’ll ‘work’, and they won’t last.
Short term cycling reviews, and Amazon reviews in general are pretty worthless for most NiMh. Some of my batteries with the highest marketing claims, have had the shortest life.

You want good,
or you want cheap? Cheap is tempting, which is why they are in business.

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I’ve been using some aaa’s in some lumintop tools I use in homemaid lanterns; they last about 24 hours(on low) with a constant run of 12 hours each nite. 5 charges later they are doing ok.


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how crazy is this
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Currently about a year into 8 AAA and 4 AA EBL batteries. The AAAs are holding up pretty well and have roughly claimed performance. Only AAAs I have right now that will run my E02 II. Made in Japan Eneloops and IKEA re-wrap Eneloops no longer can maintain the current to run that light. The eneloops work OK in a Ti3, although not as bright. If the EBLs last another 6 months with the ability to deliver the performance they are now, I will be completely satisfied with them. Actual eneloops are 2.6x more expensive and it looks like the EBLs will deliver for at least 1/2.6 as long so I don’t have a problem with them.

The AAs are a bit of a different story. They are performing pretty much identically to the Japan made IKEA 2450s. However they are labeled as 2800s. Am happy enough with the performance at this point in time although have not used them nearly as much so not confident at all. Don’t like the fact that the label claim is bogus. (The AAAs deliver their 1100 mAh.) At this point none of my AAs are any better but the EBLs are the only ones that claim to be.

Bottom line is that I think they are fairly decent cells. Most likely a solid value but as has been mentioned not the finest available.

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Sophiaxiong, are you asking about NiMh or Lion batteries ?
I have some Lion EBL 18650 and 18500 that was purchased before knowing better not to.
The 18650 3000 mah weighs 43g vs a Samsung 30Q at 48g and checked 2500mah.
Another problem was leakage after moderate usage of one yr. Lifespan is short, made in China.
Also purchased some AA NiMh that did not last one yr due to leakage.
Buying batteries is something you will need to research here on BLF to get accurate answers before buying. Wink
Hope that helps some.
There is a lot of info here if you search for it.

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I got a bunch of EBL 14500s, and one had a mysterious leakage after my cat knocked down a light containing one.


Very surprising, but happily no earth-shattering kaboom.

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"Some friends told me EBL batteries is very useful and recycling."

I'm glad they're concerned about the environment!  :D

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Welcome to BLF !!!




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some of their stuff is ok.
some is overrated junk.
forinstance their 26650 5000mah i bought a while back are testing around 5200.
but some folks bought 18650 3000 that barely broke 2000.
and ROFLOL! at the aa 2800!
around 2300.
about the same + – lot variations as their 2300!
with as many analysing chargers in the average joes hands as there are today you would think this silly game would be over!